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A little thank you

Thank you to our teachers from your students!

Megan Martin-Wall

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of A little thank you

YOur STudents wanted to say thank you! For all that you do for them each day Here we go... Ms. Humphries "happy, understanding, helpful and so much more Mr Martin "thanks for the
awesome experiments we did! Thanks. Dr. Awesome!
(a.k.a mr. craven) Coach Mclendon "thank you for teaching us sports, thank you for loving biscuitville! Coach newton "thank you for keeping us healthy" Ms. Morris is the coolest Mr. Truhel, thank you for teaching
us all voice lessons! Mrs. Moore. Thanks for being a super teacher! Mrs. Johnson, Thank you so much
for being a fun teacher! love, William Mr. Martin is the best! Thank you! Ms. Schaberg, Thank you for helping us learn about many different interesting stories Bonjour Mr. Fewell! We thank you
for teaching us French! Coach Kozlowski, Thank you for a SPORTacular year! Thank you Mrs. fishel for always being there for us and planning FOG! Mrs. Odell thanks for putting up with me! Mrs. Haley, Thank you for improving our vocal skills! Thank you mrs. Clark. From W and m! thank you Mrs. Miles! we LOVE mr. shegog thank you mrs henson! thank you for
being a fun teacher
mrs. stephenson! thank you Mr. Kokladas! mrs. fishel! mr. quesnel thanks coach dawson you're the bomb!
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