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Percy Jackson and The Olympians

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kimo kahookele

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Percy Jackson and The Olympians
The Lightning Thief

The calling to Adventure
He first got his sign for adventure on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the museum, one of the chaperones (Mrs. Dodds.) asked to speak with Percy "Now honey--" "I know" I grumbled. "A month erasing workbooks." Pg 10 Riordan. Little did he know what she really wanted, which is when he encountered his first monster. Mrs. Dodds turned in to a fury and attacked him which ended with her death because Mr. Brunner (The other Chaperone) showed up to and tossed Percy his pen which turned into a sword. After this experience, he and Grover had another call when they saw the three fates.
What Happened before The Demigods
Percy refused the call when he ditched Grover at the bus stop and took a taxi home to his moms. He and his mom then took Gabe's car and went on what was suppose to be a weekends vacation. Grover then showed up at the cabin and Percy was forced to go with his mom and Grover because of the minotaur that was perusing them. It was relentless and was only stopped when Percy was forced to kill it by stabbing it with its own horn that came off during a fight that they had. Though he had succeeded, it was the cost of his mother. Then he pulled Grover who got knocked unconscious to the house that was the destination of the trio.
Refusing the Call to adventure
Percy Meets his Friend/Lecturer

He kept going in and out of consciousness and heard/saw incomprehensible things being said by his bed. When Percy woke up fully, he was in the the Big house feeling very lousy, and confused. He then saw that he was in a lounge chair on the porch of the house with a cup of nectar next to him. Grover was just behind him, who confirmed that everything that happened was real. He then went with Grover to meet the camp directer and Chiron. Chiron then took Percy on a tour of the camp which is when he met his soon to become best friend and mentor Annabeth Chase. She doesn't believe that he is the hero that she was waiting for but once he was claimed bye Poseidon, she forgets her doubts.
Beginning the Highway to Hell
Percy was asked to go on a quest but he has to meet the Oracle. Once he got the prophecy,he grudgingly agrees to go to the under world and get Zeus's master bolt back from Hades. He, Annabeth and Grover set out for the under world. Not long after they left Argus that they were attacked by the three Fury;they came across "Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium", the layer of Medusa posing as Aunty Em to lure her victims like she tried with Percy and Crew then went to turn them into stone. The trio out witted her and cut off her head.
Percy Meets His Allies

When they killed Medusa,they were all miserable as they camped out in a marsh clearing so that they could sleep and hide in the darkness. His allies are Annabeth and Grover as well as Luke and Ares. Annabeth and Grover company him on the quest, they communicate with Luke by using Iris-messaging him and Ares was following and keeping track of their progress.
He started off as an average 12 year old kid with both Dyslexia and ADHD.He was in sixth grade and a boarding student at Yancy Academy. He was in a way, a troubled youth, didnt have a wealthy family, didn't fit in with the other students, and only one friend (Grover). He had an abusive step-father (Gabe) who made Percy supply his poker money, he even called it their "guy secret. " Meaning, if I told my mom, he would punch my lights out." (Pg 31, Riordan) His mother was the complete opposite, she was loving and caring. She was in his word's "The best person in the world,". He also expressed that this proved his point because "the best people have the rottenest luck." was the next thing he said.
The Ordeal
Ares showed up and said "I got a little proposition for you." Pg 226 Riordan. He wants the group to get his shield for him at a water park and at first Percy refuses, but then Ares offers info on his mother which makes him agree. The group travel and manage to get to the park but as they got the shield, they sprung one of Hephaestus traps and only just barely escape with there lives. Once they got to the meeting area with Ares, he teased "Bet that crippled black-smith was surprised when he netted a couple of stupid kids. You looked good on TV." Pg 242 Riordan. This ticked Percy off tremendously but Ares held his end of the deal and put them on a ride to L.A. On the way, they were forced to sit in a Zoo truck and ended up freeing the animals. They then got trapped in the Lotus Hotel & Casino for five days. They managed to escape. They then found the entrance in the under world.
As the trio made there way across America and face multiple challenges. Percy became a wanted suspect in the States for the disappearance of his mom but Annabeth tried to reassure him by saying ("Don't worry," Annabeth told me. "Mortal police could never find us.") But he didn't truly believe her. The group traveled by train but because of his ADHD, he had to squirm and he got to see some really cool thing like "Once, I spotted a family of centaurs galloping across a wheat field, bows at the ready, as they hunted lunch..." Pg 198 Riordan. They made it to Denver which is where they encountered Echidna on the Gateway Arch. They battled and Percy fell from the arch which is when he discovered his powers. He fell into the river below and then shot back up using himself as a projectile by willing the water to push him. He then fought and killed Echidna. The group then made a run for it.
Cited Sources
Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson & The Olympians The lightning Thief. New York: Disney Hyperion,2006.Paper Back
The Reward
When they were in the under world,he had to make the choice that would either save Olympus or destroy it. The choice was to leave his mother or leave one of his companions which he didn't like either way. In the end, he takes Grover and Annabeth to get the bolt to Zeus but then Ares showed up and Percy had to fight him because Ares was now trying to steal it so that there would be a war among the gods and his family. "Best kind of war. Always the bloodiest. Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say." Pg 322 Riordan. Percy forced Ares to fight him and with the will off a fluke, Percy came victorious and returned the Bolt as well as Hades Helm of Darkness.
The Ending Journy
The group get to New York by plane which is when he Annabeth and Grove, split up. "...it was hardto let them go after all we'd been through,k but i knew i had to do this last part of the quest by myself." He then threatened the security man and went to the 600th floor just as time ran out thus ending the threat of war. But then it started the big debate on if the gods should kill him or use him. Zeus "I have spared him once already,"Zeus grumbled. "Daring to fly through my domain.. pah! I should have blasted him oput of the sky for his impudence." But the gods spared him and
In the end, Percy is a hero and then gets betrayed by Luke. The real Lightning thief and it turned out that he was serving the lord Kronos Titian of Time. Thus beginning the Second story.
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