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Graduate School of Business - Graduate Assistant Management

Presentation of Results

Heather Oldner

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Graduate School of Business - Graduate Assistant Management

Problem Solving Original Vision What We Learned Walton College Graduate School of Business
Graduate Assistant Management System Our approach to solving problems involved
a high level of teamwork and collaboration. Our team is our best resource for solving issues. Most problems that arose could be solved simply by discussing the issue and available alternatives. Once all possible solutions were determined, a consensus could be reached on the best course of action. Use our Google Fu Many issues encountered were beyond the scope of our current knowledge and capabilities One can safely make the assumption that if you have a problem, someone has had this same issue before; either solved it or asked for help, and the entire process has been documented somewhere on the internet. 90% of the time, this approach allowed us to fix our issue and learn something new in the process! When all else fails... Ask a subject matter expert. These discussions allowed us to have a knowledgeable sounding board for ideas, as well as enabled us to look at problems in a new light. Our vision for this system has been tweaked, altered, and completely overhauled many times throughout development. At the project's inception... We had a very broad scope and intentions of meeting every requirement that was requested Our user interface and ER diagram were very simple and missing many important functionalities which were discovered once coding the application began. Final Product It was mandatory that we narrow our scope and omit some functionality requests that overly complicated the system, due to both time constraints and general feasibility. Although the scope was narrowed, both the UI and ER model were significantly more detailed at the time of delivery. The major requirements that were met were done so much more efficiently and accurately. Moving Forward... While the system is currently ready for use, there are many aspects that we would like to develop further: One major aspect of the system that we would like to implement is to transfer to a web-based design using ASP.Net or a similar language. More options for decision support and reports than are currently offered. Implementation of more in-depth security than is used currently. The development of this system was a constant learning experience. Time Management Setting and meeting deadlines was a very real struggle for our team when we began development. We quickly discovered that time is our worst enemy. Coding and debugging any application will always take at least twice as long as your best estimate. Start early and stay consistent in applying yourself to any project. Regular meetings are a must when working on any team-based project--it is important to ensure that everyone is staying on track. Coding Specifics Database Specifics Many meetings were held with our SME-in-residence, Mr. Jeff Mullins. Nothing goes as planned! Pick the language early on. Don't waffle between two different options late in the game. Don't try to be fancy. Brute force works just fine in a pinch. Plan, Plan, Plan! Then do more planning! Data modeling is never done. You will always find a way to improve your design, so eventually you just have to cut it off. Large projects WILL take longer than you expect. There are many ways NOT to do data binding--array lists are sometimes a necessary evil! Populating a database is trickier than you might think! All relationships must be taken into account when deciding on the order of populating tables
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