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St. Patrick's Day

For English club

Matthew Fitzgibbons

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of St. Patrick's Day

432 1848 2010 St. Patrick He brought Christianity to Ireland This totally changed
Irish culture At first, St. Patrick's Day was a religious holiday People went to church in the morning, and celebrated in the afternoon St. Patrick's day is during Lent (Lent is a time when Christians
think about their lives...) (for example, many Christians
don't eat meat during Lent) Before long, St. Patrick's day became a time to have a party when everything else was serious... Potato Famine At this time, most Irish people only had potatoes to eat But the potatoes caught a disease and died, leaving the people with nothing to eat Before the famine, there were 8 million people in Ireland (about as many as live in Tokyo) About 1 million people died Another 1 million left Ireland and went to America, Canada, England, Scotland, or Australia But the Irish weren't always welcomed in their new homes The Irish in America and Canada used St. Patrick's day as a way to get together and celebrate their culture Soon, it became a holiday for everyone, not just the Irish... Today, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world Chicago Montreal Tokyo Nagoya To celebrate, we... Wear green Listen to Irish music Have a parade and DANCE! Bonfire Dance Waves of Tory Siege of Ennis Haymaker's Jig The Book of Kells The Book of Kells The Book of Kells This is text
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