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"Save the Beach": A self-sustaining model

Share with other Waterkeepers a self-sustaining model and self-managing movement from a watershed level, which binds and mobilizes thousands of people twice a year to clean and celebrate the collective spirit of commitment towards protecting our ocean

Margarita Diaz

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of "Save the Beach": A self-sustaining model

"Save the Beach"
a self-sustaining model Trash fugitive sewage spills dead marine mammal 1992 1998 2OOO San Diego Baykeeper I love a clean San Diego Neighbors & Schools 1996 Collaborative Community based Hands on Multisector Need for Action! Problems: Mission: Generate processes promoting changes towards sustainable practices and environmental policies, based on education programs, access to information and community involvement. Was founded in 1991 * Lack of services * Police patrol * Lifeguards * Restrooms *No public information about water quality Salvemos la playa 2OO2 2OO3 2OO4 2OO5 2OO6 2OO7 2OO8 2OO9 2O1O 2O11 Results after 12 years 24 campaigns 180 metric tons 80 co-sponsors 5,000 volunteers in a single morning within the watershed 55 tons in a single campaign, with inland and coastal sites How did we get there...? what does this self sustaining model consist of? 30,000 volunteers since March 2010 Tijuana Waterkeeper Goal: "Awareness through action" Strategy: Connect people to it’s problem, which is the trash through immediate individual action, through joyfull celebration of the results..... to the beach and ocean Community engagement Safe sustaining through pure volunteerism 1. 2. 3. Inclusive of all sectors and ages 4. Identity and sense of belonging slogans tradition consistency solidarity 5. Celebration 6. No protagonism, horizontality 7. Multiplication of leaderships 8. Decisions by consensus with transparency 9. Growth by atraction 10. open source 2OO3 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 watershed focus transborder Principles: 2012
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