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New brand

No description

Milad Rabiee

on 8 April 2018

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Transcript of New brand

New brand

Mind Mapping
- Mission
- Approach
- Logo
- Identity
Marketing Material
- Visual Design
- Tagline
- Naming
• Choose your hobbits
• Live for yourself
• Expand your life
• Work hard. Dream big
• Life from cocoon to butterfly
• Whatever but be good
• Deeping in nature
• Join the nature
• Born in cyche
• Educate for life
• Be educate, be alive
• The greatest gift of life
• Achieve with practice
• Become part of nature
• live with nature
Be a part of work
Be a part of health
Be a part of Education
Be a part of home
Be a part of life
Naming concept

“Be” is the most important message of our brand.
To suggest a great exclusive name, we used the
word BE in different spaces such as working area, education area, health area and home area and therefore BE become very important part of our new name.

Our suggested name has been designed based on being. Being in every moment and each place.

Is a part of our created name which has come
from the name of Burotime.

It has born from the word “being” and a brief of
Burotime that navigate us to a nice decisive word
as: “B”
• Brings solution
• Improve technology image
• Creat new products innovation
• Creating and designing of practical & smart spaces in offices based on close cooperation with technology experts. (Intelligent Offices)

• Establish an understanding for employees about work space by using computer software. It can help to achieve maximum efficiency in work space designing and practicality.

• Making Collaborated efforts with other active brands in the field of technology and health. Also we can employ sociology professionals to achieve more innovative products and manufacturing methods. (Cobranding)
Thinking outside the box, Imagination beyond limits, daring to dream to reach new heights is what we believe in.
dare to dream
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