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The Sapphires

No description

Chanelle Wade

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of The Sapphires

The Sapphires Introduction

Did you know that the Sapphires are four talented Aboriginal girls who have a passion for singing and lives in western Australia. In the movie there are racism towards aboriginal People and were being disrespectful in their own country.This story is about talented Australian Aboriginal girls who learn about love, friendship and war when The Sapphires go in a Journey to become super stars.This Movie is inspired by the remarkable true story of a writer named Tony Briggs. Paragraph #2 The Sapphires had a manager named Dave who was white,and discovered them at a Pub for singing with an amazing voice.The four indigenous girls called the sapphires are given the opportunity to entertain American troops in Vietnam. Their journey of discovery offers them not only the chance to show off their musical skills,but find interconnectedness as nothing but positive. Paragraph 3 & 4 Paragraph #1 The four girls came from a small town called cummeraganja.One day the Sapphires Audition in a small pub and was being ignored by their race. which is sad dough because they sang a very beautiful song but because their skin color ,they've been disrespectful and Judgemental by the people in the pub . But their was this one irish man named Dave who was a manager but didn't really care about their skin color but how Beautiful they sang. Conclusion The movie Sapphires are deeply heart touching ,I was really curious about parts in the movie where they show some facts about The Stolen Generation and how they lived .The Aboriginal girls did struggle allot of racism in their life but achieved their dreams of being Successful singers.They showed many Interconnectedness etc. different people in different states connecting with each other.Well that's what the girls did, meeting different religion's and reconnecting with each other.These girls are truly amazing and glad to be apart of this showing you all, as well as learning facts i didn't know about indigenous until studying about it and yea. The Four indigenous girls called Gail ,Julie, Cynthia
and last but not least Kay.
Well there's a word that's known very well in Australia called the Stolen Generation. Kay is a very caring,intelligent and strong person.She lived where Aboriginal children had been taken from their families and raised by white Families or had been adopted up until the 1960's.Kay was one of them taken by there parents because in those days ,they thought aboriginal parents aint good enough to take care of their children. but there just like any other parent safety for their love ones. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. By Chanelle Wade..
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