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Research Assignment - Advisor - Statistics & Surveys By: Jennifer, Gurleen, Seerat, & Annette 7B

Jennifer Tang

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Cyberbullying

Story & Video
Statistics &

Effects of Cyberbullying
How Bullies attack
their Victims

Research Assignment -
Created by: Jennifer, Gurleen, Seerat, & Annette
Question #3
& Surveys
Statistics & Surveys:
What Is Cyberbullying?
Effects of Cyberbullying:
-one million people were harassed, threatened, and subjected to forms of cyberbullying on Facebook in the past year
-adolescent girls are more likely to experience cyberbullying
-youngsters who have been bullied are 3 more likely to drop out of school
-1/10 say their child was cyberbullied
-1/4 say they know a child that was cyberbullied and out of that 60% of the children had been harassed on social sites
-1/13 of 15-16 year olds report having recieved mean or hurtful comments
Males- angry:50.5 frustrated:46.2 sad:44 embarrassed:40.9 scared:49.5 weren't bothered:53.8
Females- angry:36 frustrated:56 sad:49.5 embarrassed:36.3 scared:25.3 weren't bothered:31.6
Why do bullies attack their victims?
Cyber bullies attack their victims, by spreading rumors online,
posting mean and hurtful comments about the victim, and even
posting unwanted photos. Some bullies, also threaten their
victims online.

Bullies attack their victims for many reasons,
- sometimes they are bullied at home, so they take out their anger on other people
- sometimes they are insecure, and to feel better they make fun of other people
- some people, bully others for attention and popularity
- And sometimes people tease and make fun of each other unaware that they are even bullying another person
Cyberbullying, is when bullying, takes place online.
For example, when a person says something rude on chat to another person, comments mean things on someone's photo, or threatens someone online. These are all considered as cyberbullying.
Research on Cyberbullying is growing. However, because the use of technology is constantly changing, it is difficult to create a survey that can accurately capture trends.
Thanks for watching!
Hope you enjoyed!!! :)
How Bullies Attack Their Victums
Feelings of sadness and loneliness
Sleep and eating patterns
Loss of interest
Suicidal thoughts
Skip or miss school
begin using drugs
poor grades
powerless and vulnerable
Thursday May 30th, 2013
This is Megan Meier a 13 year old girl, who struggled with depression and was diagnosed with A.D.D, but her parents say she was excited about the new friend she made on MySpace.com. a boy named Josh Evans. Josh claimed to be a sixteen year old boy who lived near by and was home schooled.
However, their friendship would quickly turn hurtful. Josh started soon saying rude comments, and because of her low self-esteem, the next day Megan hung herself. The day after, Josh's account was deleted, the police thought the account belonged to the mother of Megan's former friend. Unfortunately, no charges were made because they didn't have proof.
Sometimes I feel like there's
no reason to keep on going
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