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How to make the best Prezi ever!

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tasha tyrell

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of How to make the best Prezi ever!

2. How to ROTATE
Turn the bubble or text box upside down. Click the pencil icon and add it to the path, upside down.
4. How to add music, pictures and Youtube videos
To insert music, you must ALREADY HAVE THE MUSIC FILE ON THE COMPUTER. Note: The music will play for the entire presentation.
3. How to add a background image
Right click on the background.
Either choose another colour and click "done"
Or upload your own background from the computer.
FIRST, of course, you have to save a background to your computer. :)
Click "done"
Here's what we'll learn
1. How to Zoom:
* All your prezi's should have a few elements of zoom and rotate.
* All your prezi's should have images or video that match the text.
* You can only change the background on plain presentations like this one. Not on templates.
* Don't go crazy, adding too much zoom or rotate. Your presentation path still needs to be easy to follow.
* Ask your teacher if you're not sure.
How to make
the best Prezi

To zoom in you must press the pencil icon and add the bubble or text box to the "path". Then you can move that item into any order you want.
Look at this!
I can place an image
inside text
and ZOOM IN to it!
To make it zoom further, simply make the bubble smaller.
To insert pictures from google:
Click insert and a box opens on the left to google images. Just double click and the image will be added.
To insert Yotube videos:
Click insert, go to Youtube videos, and paste your video link in the space.
Let's add some media!
Thanks for watching!
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