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Having Excma

No description

Manor Prep

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Having Excma

Having Eczema
What it is?
Eczema is a skin condition where your immune system does not work properly and it reacts to things that would normaly be fine. For instance some people if they have any dairy products the immune system would then react and the skin comes up in red itchy rashes. It is not always dairy though and not everyone knows what triggers their eczema
Flare Ups
A flare up is when your eczema suddenly gets worse and it is difficult to get under control. Flares up can occur because of all sorts of things. If you eat or or drink curtain things that triggers some peoples. Emotions can also be a big part of flare ups if your are particularly upset angry or annoyed you can have a flare up. This can be bad if you get a flare up because you are stressed for an exam and then during the actual exam it is more diffucult to consentrait which is why it is vital to stay calm.
Eczema can be helped by creams. there are billions out there and you have to find the that works for you. If you get incredibly bad eczema you can got to a special skin doctor called a dermatologist they can give you advise and help with your eczema. When i went to a dermatologist they gave me some new creams they were Betnovate and a couple of others.
People bully me and others for having eczema sometimes accidentally some times on purpose. people sometimes tell others that i have things like.
The Plague
Skin cancer
permanent measles
and many others
This makes people avoid me and it makes me get upset so my eczma worse.
How to stop it.
Some people just grow out of eczema but some people don't at the moment there is no known cure for eczema but there is lots of ways you can make it better.
1. Buy the creams recommended by your doctor or dermatologist and apply them as it says to on the packet.
2. Stay hydrated this can often help your skin get more hydrated and therefore it is not as dry and itchy.
3 always stay calm and relax this should help.
I hope this has helped you understand more about eczema
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