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An Exploration of Worldviews through the Context of Corn

An invocation

Annie Hoffan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of An Exploration of Worldviews through the Context of Corn

Double click anywhere & add an idea Cuc Family: my inspiration Terroir: The way that food expresses place. Literally the taste of soil, climate, culture, tradition 'Eating Stories' Zea Mays Mazorca




Landrace Varieties: CIMMYT Seed Bank: 23,000 varieties
Used for research, genetic modification, and hybridization
Rapidly disappearing in the real world Teosinte & Tripsacum Co-Evolution: Each variety co-evolved with a particular community

The needs and desires of the people influenced the evolution of the plant

The unique qualities of the plant influenced the cultural and economic development of each community Variation Forage. Water.
Husk. Taste. Nutrition.
Climate. Color. Shape. William's Milpa Popol Vuh Corn In the USA An Invocation Accompanying Step by step the corn's cycle of death and resurection is a way of praying. And the earth, that immense temple, is their day-to-day testimony to the miracle of life being reborn. ~Eduardo Galeano Corn As: A tangible connection between worlds An indicator of profound differences in worldview/perspective US= largest corn producer, consumer, and exporter in the world Centro Internacional de Mejoramiente de Maiz Y Trigo: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center CIMMYT: Aims to increase crop productivity in the poorest areas of the world Threats to Landrace Seed Genetic Engineering. Sterile Hybrid seed. Monoculture. Chemicals. We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them -Albert Einstein Loss of Diversity Undermines resilience, security, creativity, and the ability to come up with effective solutions to complex problems Are transferred from the mind to the ground Security
A language
A relative
A perspective
An identity Losing ones Indigenous Corn is like losing... Saving Seed Saving seed and caring for your maize is part of what it means to be a good farmer and be held in esteem by the community, and provides a link with previous generations Monocultures Milpa: "one of the most successful human inventions ever created" citric acid. ascorbic acid. lactic acid. glucose. fructose. maltodextrin. ethanol. sorbitol. mannitol. xanthan gum. modified starch. unmodified starch. dextrin. lecithin. cyclodextrin. MSG. aspartame. malt. Extraordinarily adaptable. Ready to eat with little to no equipment or processing -important food for poor regions "In Mexico, even today, you do not let corn lay on the ground; it is considered almost sacreligous"
-Ricardo Salvador Adisappearing/reappearing art "Modernization"or "Developental Genocide"? Symbiosis Critical food source for humanity

Depends on humanity for reproductoin
In light of the monumental environmental and societal issues emerging, as planetary citizens we need to participate more equitably in the global community of living things. -Richard Dart Eating Stories:
Literally Ingesting the Natural World -largest food source in the world
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