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ben10 aliens!

No description

nicholas alfaro

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of ben10 aliens!

feedback is a conductoid, an alien powerhouse able absorb energy and blast it back out diamonhead is a pestrosapien from the planet petropia, a craggy geode like planet. they can shoot crystalls at a car and make it explode! eye guy is an opticoid from the planet sightra. an opticoid's upper body is filled with eyes sohe can see and shoot powerful lazers out of. heatblast is a pyronitr from pyros_a worls which is a sun. pyronites can fashion fire from their hands an mouths which can be hurled at enimies. ALIEN X IS BEN'S MOST POWERFUL ALIEN. HE IS NOT FROM A PLANET BUT FROM DEEP SPACE. ALIEN X'S POWERS ARE TIME CONTROLLING gravattack is a galilean. they can manipulate gravity, any near object lighter or heavier. four arms is a tetramand from the planet khoros ruled by blood thirsty war lords. they have"four arms" so they can fight giant creatures in their world
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