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Noah Black

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Michigan

Iron mine in Upper Peninsula
Copper mine in Upper Peninsula
Limestone mine in Lower Peninsula
Gypsum mine in Lower Peninsula
Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan.
Detroit was once the capital of Michigan.
Detroit has the only floating post office in the world.
Detroit also has Michigan's tallest building.
Lansing is the capital of Michigan.
Lansing allows tours in the capital building.
The population of Lansing is 113,996 as of 2012.
The area of Lansing is 36.05 square miles.
The population of Kalamazoo in 2012 was 75,092.
The area of Kalamazoo is 25.11 square miles.
It is located in south western Michigan
Kalamazoo has an Air-Zoo (a museum filled with planes and other air machines).
Tourist Attractions
Oswald Bear Ranch
Oswald Bear Ranch has bears
It is located in the U.P.
It is the biggest bear ranch in the U.S.
They used to have the biggest Tyson bear in the U.S. and possibly the world.
Inland Lakes
Has Walleye bass
Oakland county's biggest lake
Allows fishing
Two parks
Dodge 4
Mackinac Island
No personal cars allowed on the island
Only one school on the island
Known for fudge
Highest elevation is 884 feet high
Apple Island
Native Americans used to live on Apple Island
Had apples, but Natives ate them all
Apple Island is 35 acres
Formed 10,000-12000 years ago
State Park
Tahquamenon Falls
It is in the upper peninsula.
It's a water fall smaller than Niagara Falls.
The water comes from a river about 70 miles away.
The state park has two view points (an upper and a lower fall).
Detroit River
The river is in the Great Lakes system.
The Detroit River is 28 miles long.
The river gets its water from Lake St. Clair.
The river separates the city of Detroit from Windsor, which is in Canada.
Henry Ford Museum
The museum is in the lower peninsula.
The area of the museum is two-hundred acres.
They own the bus that Rosa Parks was arrested on.
They also own the chair that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in.
Light Houses
St. Joeseph Light House
It's located in Berrien County.
It's on the North Pier.
It was built in 1906.
It's 57 feet high.
Natural Resources
Ambassador Bridge
The Ambassador Bridge is always open.
It connects the U.S to Canada.
The bridge is 2,700 feet long.
You need a passport to cross.
Mackinac Bridge
The Mackinaw Bridge weighs about 1,024,500 tons.
It's about 5 miles in length.
It used to be the longest suspension bridge in the world.
The total length of the wire and cable used for construction is 42,000 miles.
Michigan is made up of two peninsulas.
The Upper Peninsula is bordered by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
The Lower Peninsula is bordered by Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Huron .
Michigan is in the Midwest region of the United States of America.
The Great Lakes were formed at the end of the last ice age.
The deepest Great Lake is Lake Superior (1,332ft).
84% of North America's fresh water is the Great Lakes.
Only the polar icecaps contain more water
Great Lakes
Cass Lake
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