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The Great Plague

No description

Camille Carey Pascucci

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Great Plague

THE END! The Great Plague Symbols: Religion, journey and death

Themes: Historical Takes place in London 1665
14 year old girl called Alice Paynton.
Mother dies.
Hears about the Plague.
Sent to journey to her uncle's Who is Pamela Oldfield ? Plot Pamela Oldfield wrote books for children and young adults.
She wrote journal/diary entries by people from different eras. Characters Alice Paynton: 13 years old, adventurous
Dad: strict and mean
Aunt Nell: Responsible and strict
Poppet: animal, playful and joyful Pamela Oldfield My Opinion Symbols and Themes Very developed words
Want to read more
I would recommend the book to people who like history and very detailed books.
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