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Toni Jackson

on 8 April 2013

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Group members:
Toni Jackson
Maya Henderson
Paige Molitor
Taylor Abbs
Traci Burton "The more you subtract , the more you add".
Cutting girls down to size in advertising. Central Idea of this study In this study Ms. Jean Kilbourne examines the media's tactics of portraying women as idealistic creatures. The images portrayed are of women who are very small and thin. She also examines how these images can affect the self-esteem of young women. Kilbourne explores how the media is in a sense "cutting" some down to size both literally and metaphorically Vocab -Cultivation Analysis- based on the media and not on reality. Worldview that is narrow and often unrealistic.
-Spreading Activation Theory- Stereotypes form an associate network of related ideas or schemas linked in the memory and activating one idea spreads to other linked notions.
-Social constructions to reality- Identities are negotiated within a social context. Sometimes identities are forced upon and sometimes they are rejected.
-Ideology- set of deeply held ideas about the nature of the world and the way it ought to be.
- Discourse- The way we talk about it-
-Critical Thinking- The ability to examine issues rationally, logically, and coherently. Media Events that are similar References

Summary “Advertisement: Antonio Fusco (Antonio fusco).” (1999). Vogue, 189 (2), 129.

Lind, R. A. Race/gender/class/media 3.0. (3rd ed., pp. 179-185). Pearson Education, Inc.

[Media Video]. Retrieved from youtube.com Visual Aid “This woman is silent. This coat talks.” “You can learn more about anatomy after school” 1:50-3:40 Gender in the media is very prevalent but how women are portrayed is clearly wrong. Women, no matter the age, seem to always have issues with their bodies because of what they see everyday in these ads on television, in magazines, and even on the radio. This is only continuing these problems and advertisers are aware of this. Young women have insecurities and the advertising industry plays this to their advantage in order to gain the most money possible. Jean Kilbourne shows us women do not have to fit the ideal image of a woman in order to be beautiful.
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