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No description

Kate Munday

on 4 July 2017

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Transcript of Anacondas

Anacondas are very awesome
The Anacondas scientific name is Eunectes murinus.
The scientific name.
The Anacondas habitat is water, forests and land.Thats what the habitat is.
The Anacondas habitat
Anacondas are not venomous but they are very dangerous.
Anacondas are Dangerous
interesting facts about Anacondas.
The Green Anaconda

conclusion for Anacondas
I want to learn more information about the green Anaconda so i can talk about the Anaconda.
by Lucas m
I learnt a large percentage of information about the green Anaconda from my writers notebook.
location of Anacondas.
Anacondas live in south America in the northern part of it.
comparing to other animals.
Anacondas are longer then other animals. And that's a true fact.
1. Anacondas aren't venomous but they are very Dangerous to other animals.
2. When animals come near the Anacondas it strangles the animal until they die but not meerkats.
Anacondas live up to 10- 12 years old.
Anacondas come in diffrent lengths and sizes.
Anacondas are very dangerous and not venomous.
This is a compass.
This is a video of a green anaconda.
1. The green Anaconda can weigh up to 6,000 kilograms of weight and that is a true fact.

The green anaconda
Fun facts .
1. The green anaconda is not venomous but they do
strangle animals and people that liv in the northern
part of south america.
2. There is over 10 green anacondas in the intire
world and there is a way to keep a green anaconda
but you have to be a man that hunts for
green anacondas plus that is a true fact
about the green anaconda.
The world map of the northern
part of south America.
here is a picture of where the
green anacondas live.
Here is a picture of a anaconda
and there is also different kinds
of anacondas in the world.
$2,000 for a
anaconda to keep.
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