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Plot of That summer by sarah dessen

No description

Carson Taguwa

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Plot of That summer by sarah dessen

In That Summer By Sarah Dessen the exposition would be when Haven finds out that her dad is getting married to a woman that she does not like. Haven feels like her family is falling apart. Her dad is ignoring her and Haven cannot stand it. Also Haven finds out that her sister is getting married to her boyfriend that she has not had for long. Haven is very worried because Ashley, her sister, is known for having very many boyfriends and then breaking up with them.
The climax in That Summer by Sarah Dessen is when Haven meets back up with her old crush, Sumner, who was her older sisters boyfriend until she dumped him and started dating a new guy. Ashley, who is her sister, has been known for dating very many boys. Ashley is now getting married to a new boy. When Haven goes to the mall she sees Sumner and is very close to him. This makes Haven become a little happier because she is already having a rough time when her dad is getting re-married to a man she does not like.
Falling Action
The falling action in That Summer by Sarah Dessen is when Havens sister moves away and lives with her new husband, her dad ignores her because he is only focused on his new wife, and when Havens friend is ignoring her and being disrespectful. These are all the falling action because Havens life is going downhill. Haven has had a love-hate relationship with her sister but still misses her living at home. Havens dad is ignoring her and does not talk to her very much because her is only focused on his wife. Lastly, Havens friend has been mean h=to her lately because her new boyfriend has a very negative influence on her. He gets her to do drugs, drink, and smoke.
The resolution in That Summer by Sarah Dessen is when Havens life becomes better. After she runs away she comes back and her friends and family have changed. Her best friend broke up with her boyfriend and she returned to normal. She does not do drugs, alcohol, or smokes anymore. She comes back and says sorry for everything. Havens dad starts talking to her and she feels like her life and family is coming back together even though her parents are divorced.
Rising Action
The rising action in That Summer by Sarah Dessen is when Haven has a little breakdown and becomes caught up bin her feelings. It is right before she runs away. She becomes very worried and scared so she leaves. Her dad just got re-married after him and her mom got divorced. Also, she does not have her sister to go to for help because she just got married to her husband. Haven becomes a little lonely also because her best friend gets a boyfriend and starts making bad decisions. Haven eventually becomes better after her friend breaks up with her bad boyfriend and she becomes good again.
Plot of That summer by sarah dessen
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