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6.0 Plan B

New plan & schedule for 6.0


on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of 6.0 Plan B

Transition from 5.6 to 6.0
Adjusting to Agile & new SCRUM process
Complexity and effort greater than initial estimates
New scope
Loss of key staff

"Plan B" "Plan A" Welcome... to something a little different We'll let PowerPoint
have a rest today... Revisited our backlogs
Split stories
Refined estimates
Explored scoping options
Moved stories between teams
Added new people
And worked really really hard...
and the actions we have taken... Project Impacts The Facts ~25% larger 6.0 It all begins with "Plan A" Fourteen sprints
Code complete in April
RTM in mid August Despite all of our best efforts... We must face facts... How did we get here? Than our baseline plan... Constructing Plan B What could go wrong? The new timeline How we get there R&D Update March 19, 2010 Questions? Questions? Questions? Questions? Questions? Not Possible We asked each team: What will it take to complete
your current backlog? Ad Hoc: Sprint 16
Portlet: Sprint 16
Portal: Sprint 19
Q20: Sprint 20
Framework: Sprint 20
General: Sprint 3,123

Team Velocity Adding 12 Additional Weeks Delay RTM by 3.5 Months Delivering earlier is acceptable! Establish release backlog & relative priority Track "at risk" scope Story At Risk Can we solve it ourselves? Can other teams help us? Can it be delivered another way? Not Possible! Impact to business / product
Cost to complete
Recommendation to Mgmt Stay sharp, stay focused, do it right Rebalancing stories doesn't work well enough Loss of teammates We find large new stories that have to be done Peformance Security Complexity Remaining stories significantly underestimated Dependency stories do not arrive in time We can do this! 5.x support load overburdens us Quality is critical! We have a great team Take pride in your accomplishments Be impressed with the team's Agile improvement Avoid needless rumours Assume positive intent Be ready to help your teammates Housekeeping New Team Members Atlas Career & Training Plans S
! Kevin Wong (Dev) Leo Li (Dev) Welcome to the team! Wenwen Chu (QA) Jason Leung (QA) Alex Trebounskikh (Dev) Jeanette Bautista (UCD) Coco Jiang (Dev) Mgmt Stay informed! Read the emails! Read the printed docs! Take this seriously Partner with your manager to build yours Think short and longer term We are becoming more effective! This is text
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