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Career Shadowing at The Lakeland Public Library!

No description

Roselynne De Leon

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at The Lakeland Public Library!

By- Roselynne De Leon

Mentor- Ms. Rivanne Purpose Of The Lakeland
Public Library- Customers will recieve high quality Public Library
services in response to the priuit to their education
re-eveation and information needs.
Career Shadowing at The
Lakeland Public Library! Company in 15 Years- Technology will influence
the Public Library in ways
we have yet to see. Employability Skills- Depends on your job, need
to work with the public, work
with vendors, be organized,
write reports, and use all kinds
of software. Average Salary- $47,132 per year from
highschool-master degree. Technology- Internet, Microsoft,
and Horizon Records. Skills Needed- You need to know how to behave
with customers, how to write a
letter or e-mail, and how to
talk to people on the phone.
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