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What the World Would be like with no Tectonic Plates Power Paragraph

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Brayden Henning

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of What the World Would be like with no Tectonic Plates Power Paragraph

You have probably wondered what the world would be like if there were no tectonic plates. Well, I can tell you the world would be nothing like the world we know is today.
Detail 1
You all know the mountains right, a wonderful place to ski, site see, or even hike? Imagine the Earth without any of the mountains. This is one major down side of us not having any tectonic plates. We wouldn't any mountains because when we have earthquakes, the ground rises because the power of the shaking pushes the ground up. It's not all the shaking though, the tectonic plates do most of the work.
Detail 2
Also, if there were no tectonic plates, then the human race wouldn't have to be afraid of getting killed from earthquakes. This would have many good things come with it because you could see your loved ones again. This would also be good because there would be more people to do more things for all of us. There are also good things for all of us. The more people there are in the world, the faster the earth would come to its end. If you think earthquakes destroy the world, then you should see what we do to it. If us having all these people is bad now, then imagine having millions now.
Detail 3
One of the most major things that would be gone if there were no tectonic plates is there would be no earthquakes. You might think this is a great thing, but what it would really do is make our lives horrible. Pangaea, the earth's so called super continent, was separated by earthquakes. You wouldn't want to live in one the same continent with everybody else would you? Also, there would be no such thing as the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Park. These are places that many people love to visit, and imagine it all being gone.
What the World Would be like with no Tectonic Plates Power Paragraph
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As you can see, plate tectonics make the world a better place, and you may see them as bad, but every bad thing has good within them. I couldn't imagine the world without all of the cool things that the world created on its own, and things it left behind.
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