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Isabella d'Este

No description

Elizabeth B

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Isabella d'Este

Isabella d'Este By: Elizabeth Bryant "The first Lady of the Renaissance" Isabella d'Este was an inventor, political ruler, patron of the arts, mother of seven children, and a musician. Who was Isabella d'Este? Isabella was born in May, 1474 to Duke Ercole and Duchess Leonora of Ferrara. Her father believed in equality for men and women so she received royal schooling. As a child, she studied Roman history and learned how to translate both Greek and Latin. She also learned how sing, dance and play the lute. She had five siblings: one sister and four brothers. Her sister was called Beatrice, while her brothers were Alfonso, Ferrante, Ippolitto, and Sigismondo. In 1480, when she was six, she became engaged to Francesco Gonzaga, who was about nine years older than her. When she was sixteen, she married Francesco, who at the time was 25. Early Life In 1509, her husband was captured by France and became a prisoner in Venice. Since there was nobody else to defend the city she took command of the city's armies. She held off the french along with the army protecting the city. Then, in 1512 she negotiated a peace treaty with France that would allow her husband to go free. Defending Mantua Isabella Goes to Rome After Isabella's victory her husband, Francesco became jealous of her popularity and the power that came along with it. Because of this, their relationship became worse and Isabella left. Isabella went to Rome where she was also very popular because of her intelligence and patronage of the arts. Ruler of Mantua When her husband died, she then became regent of Mantua until her son was old enough to rule. While she was ruling she brought some of the most famous artist to her court. She demonstrated her strength and intelligence, while ruling Mantua. Death Isabella died in 1539 when she was 64. Accomplishments Some of Isabella d'Este accomplishments were: She could translate Greek and Latin
Play the lute
Sing and dance
Defended Mantua
Chief of State in Mantua
Founded a school for young women
Was the fashion icon of her time
Patron of the arts
Well educated As you can tell she was was a very talented person who left her mark in history. Impact She set an example for women to break away from their traditional roles in society and inspired others to do the same. Children Fredrick II, Duke of Mantua Eleonor Gonzaga Ferrante Gonzaga Ercole Gonzaga Thanks for watching! Bibliography about.com
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