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Career Possibilities


Eric Repas

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Career Possibilities

Enjoy brainstorming novel ideas for products and services. Prefer early, creative stages of businesses and projects to later "maintenance" phase. Creative Production Accounting Accounting doesn’t sound like a field that requires or even needs creativity in it. It’s known for numbers and data, so how can someone get creative with that? The process of accounting doesn’t use much creativity but where it comes in is presenting the data to companies or people. Accountants need to find creative ways to show the information they have gathered to make it as clear and helpful as possible. Accounting is known for being cut and dry so it’s up to the accountant to make it more engaging and interesting. Business Economics and Public Policy Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation Finance Information and Process Management Management Marketing Supply Chain Management Legal Studies Top Employers Accounting Coordinator An Accounting Coordinator has the job of overseeing the overall operations of an organization’s financial processes. An Accounting Coordinator has the responsibility for the accounting communications between an organization and its leaders, clients and suppliers. Within this job one has to be creative to make strong communication with these people. They need to make the information on the accounting of the businesses clear and easy to use. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-an-accounting-coordinator.htm Project Accountant A Project Accountant is responsible for overseeing the progression of projects, investigating variances, approving expenses, and making sure billing is issued correctly and payments collected. This job will take a lot of creative production to be successful. Since this person is in charge of projects they need to be able to come in at any point in a project and be able to help the project managers with problems. They also approve expenses so they need to decide where money should be put or saved. In some fields of business it is not clear where the creative process comes in, but it is very clear when it comes to Entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is known for being innovative and creative. The job of an entrepreneur is to create and/or operate a business. The creative opportunities in this are limitless. An entrepreneur comes up with ideas for businesses, what will make them successful, and how to best operate these businesses. Its up to them to make their idea come to life. Entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to have any job or job title they want. A great career for a creative entrepreneur would be a Creative Director. A creative director is known for being in charge of the artist side of projects, like marketing and advertising. They would work with graphic design, videos, and layouts. This would be great in being creative because the entire job would revolve around the creativity with coming up with ideas and bringing the entire teams ideas together for the employers. Starting an advertising company Being an entrepreneur means if you don’t want to look for a job you can always make your own and an advertising company would require a lot of creative production. This person would need to be creative in the sense to figure out how to attract customers and then once they get customers make sure to create projects that will make them want to come back for more work. It also will take a creative mind to make sure the entire company is running efficiently and well, while making a profit. Creative Production within Business Economics and Public Policy: Being creative in the Business Economics and Public Policy field allows you to explore more career opportunities. This major allows you to explore and learn about international markets, multinational corporations, and the threats and benefits of globalization. Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) Becoming a CEO is becoming the highest-ranking corporate officer who is in charge of a corporate’s/company’s management and organization. A CEO is usually described as a leader, hard worker, and/or a director. CEO’S require great decision making skills and communication skills. Market Research Analyst Known as “the function that links the consumers, customers, and the public to the marketer through information”. Marketing Researchers are also required to have great decision making skills for they make decisions on potential opportunities, target market selection, and marketing performance/control. Creative production is important in supply chain management because supply chain managers need to be creative in finding new ways of being innovative, enhancing revenue, and cost control while still satisfying their customers Creative production is important in legal studies because people must be creative in finding ways to help their clients or ways to help the court Inventory Control Supply Chain Analyst Paralegal
(Legal Assistant) Parole Officer A Process Manager must be able to come up with ways to connect technologies with people. One needs the creativity to design systems or the technological processes and operations of a company. Creative production is very important in Finance. In order to be successful one must use creativity to find new ways to successfully make a budget work and one must be creative to find the right investment opportunties and stay a step ahead of the game. Hedge Fund Manager Investment Banker Creativity is essential in the field of business management. In order to be a good manager one needs to be able to find ways to motivate employees and find a balance between keeping them happy and keeping them productive. Creativity is very helpful in the field of management as a creative manager can keep their employees interested in working hard and devise reward systems and incentives to produce maximum results. People in management with a background in creative production can manage teams of creative production. Creative Production Manager Advertising Firm Manager A process Manager often works in the manufacturing industry, also the information technology industry. Process Manager Business Process Analyst A process manager is responsible for an entire production process or workflow. They supervise employees, manage equipment, and complete human resources tasks. A process manager can often be focused on improving an operation, sometimes redesigning or re-engineering a product. One has to plan, supervise, and create the budget that is needed for a project. A Day In The Life Of a Process Manager Creativity is key in the marketing field. A marketer must be able to generate new ideas that make his/her product or service stand out from the crowd. One must find a creative solution for what costumers want, and how they can receive it with the help of your work place. Sports Marketing Sports marketing has a focus of the use of marketing as a business tool for the sports industry. This includes promoting ideas and/or products throughout the sporting world. Whether it be conducting customer surveys on a new type of a basketball, or brainstorming promotional techniques to draw attendance at a baseball game, sports marketers use their creative abilities and people skills to improve the sports industry. Online Marketing Manager According to CNN, online marketing managers build, implement, and manage online strategies and goals through web marketing. We are living in the technology age, so online marketing is bigger now than ever. It is up to online marketing managers to draw attention to websites and virtually promote a business. Creativity is key in this job to bring in new viewers, who eventually may turn in to customers. A Day in the Life (Karina Handeland, Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing, Promotions, and Tickets at Loyola Marymount University):“Creativity is an enormous part of my job…We are located in Los Angeles and our fans/students expect to have the latest and most unique marketing out there” Managing game day activities, creating and implementing brand strategies, soliciting and fulfilling corporate sponsors, overseeing licensing and brand management Schedule: Varies day-to-day but usually 9 AM-5 PM plus all home games and special events. Usually works around 50-60 hours per week. Target
Kohl’s Top Employers McKinsey
Microsoft A hedge fund manager actively manages an investment fund and seeks to provide returns to investors by creating a diverse portfolio and investing in many different markets. An investment banker assists individuals, corporations and governments in increasing capital by means of issuance of securities and assistance in mergers and acquisitions. An Advertising firm manager manages and leads a marketing team. An advertising manager coordinates projects in order to create a campaign to successfully sell a product more efficiently and increase its popularity. A creative production manager
is in charge of managing creative projects and leading teams of creative individuals to create new technologies, ideas, and strategies. As a parole officer, you help ensure ex-offenders meet the conditions of their release A paralegal is a professional trained to assist lawyers in various legal situations A supply chain analyst uses analytical methods to understand, predict, and enhance supply chain processes Inventory control is a job involved with maintaining an acceptable level of physical inventory and often centers around managing warehouse inventory. A Day in the Life Typical duties of an investment banker fall into 3 categories: Transactions, Pitching, and Miscellaneous.

Transactions consist of actual finalizing deals that have been agreed upon and pitching deals with working with companies to come up with a deal.

The typical types of actual work done by an investment banker includes dealing with excel to value companies, writing presentations for pitches, research, and administrative tasks. Daily duties in the life of an accountant include:

-Analyzing company budget, expenses and revenue
-Overseeing bookkeeping and payroll
-Managing bank accounts and investments
-Preparing profit and loss statements
-Compiling and analyzing financial information A Day in the Life uses the process/workflow software to create process models which can be simulated, analyzed, and even executed directly by the business. The business process analysts help the business executives in decision making by modeling/simulating “what-if” scenarios.
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