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Google Sketch Up Intro

No description

Amirul Iman

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Google Sketch Up Intro

Exploring Google SketchUp! presenters will be sharing about Skatepark models Will be presenting about Chessboard Will be presenting about HDB What is Google Sketch Up? A software program ”that would allow design professionals to draw the way they want by emulating the feel”
Freedom of working with pen and paper in a simple and elegant interface,
Fun to use and easy to learn,
That would be used by designers to play with their designs in a way that is not possible with traditional design software.
Has user friendly buttons to make it easier to use Interesting gadget Interesting Funiture Interesting Vehicle Interesting Interior Design Interesting Building Interesting landscape Interesting City Google Sketch Up can 3D buildings
Objects in Google Earth.
3D Printing
Game Grids
Game Objects Google Earth: Game Grids/Game Objects Suggested links :http://sites.google.com/site/sketchupfordummies Our Personal Experience:
Google Sketchup is great! Your dream imagination can come to live if you really do it correctly. During my CPA coursework, I’ve learnt a lot about Google sketchup and its cool. Find On Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/googlesketchup Amirul Drama & Firdaus Alex Will be sharing his Chessboard model. Aaron Will be sharing his HDB model. Afiq Will be sharing his skatepark model. It is an opensource(free) software
A non resource-intensive software
Its export functions to more complex 3D-industial software AutoCADD,
3DStudioMax, Maya for higher rendering and texturing
A google product. Interesting Projects - Toys By Special Thanks to: Tips for being a pro in Sketch Up:http://sites.google.com/site/sketchupfordummies/
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