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No description

Mr. Stack

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of "THE RAVEN"

Edgar Allen Poe
What are your first impressions?

Why do you think he might have written wrote about such dark subjects?
His life
Born in Boston 1809.
Father left family when he was born
Mother died when he was 2 yrs old.
Went to University of Virginia (Kicked out)
Went to West Point Military.
Worked many different jobs. (Literary Critic)
Married his cousin. She died at age 20 of tuberculosis.
Wrote "The Raven" in 1835. Became famous poem.
Dies a mysterious death in 1849, at 40 years old.

What is Figurative Language?
What are the different types we can use?

Edgar Allan Poe
Figurative Language

What are some different types of figurative language?
Small groups
who can find the most?

You and your group will identify the different uses of Figurative Language in the Poem

The Raven

How can we use what we have learned?
How does Figurative language help the reader?
Figurative Language

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