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Neurolupus: Correlation MRI-Pathology

No description

Florian Stierlin

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Neurolupus: Correlation MRI-Pathology

Presentation PLAN Introduction
Antiphospholipids syndrome
Material and Methods
Description of patients
Description of the tissue
Description of the 7-Tesla MRI
Description of the immunochemistry
Conclusion and discussion INTRODUCTION A multisystem autoimmune disease characterized by a vast array of auto-antibodies (mostly Anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA))
Etiology = still unknown
Pathogenesis = (Hypothesis stage) Failure of self-tolerance leading to continuous formation of auto-antibodies
Diagnosis = SOAP BRAIN MD
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus NEUROLUPUS - Neurolupus is defined as a SLE with neuropsychiatric involvements
- Up to 50% of SLE patients may have brain involvement
- Main lesions
Vasculopathy (vasculitis = rare!)
- Clinical manifestations
Central nervous system involvement (aspetic meningitis, headache, chorea, seizure disorder, anxiety and mood disorders, psychosis...)
Peripheral nervous system involvement may also occur
- Diagnosis
Prove SLE
Confirme the presence of some neuropsychiatric manifestations
Some investigations are recommended but no real gold-standard
The diagnosis is more made as an "exclusion diagnosis"
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