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Is Determination an Emotion?

No description

Caroline Hatfield

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Is Determination an Emotion?

Is it an emotion? Determination Mood, Trait, or Emotion? Is it a Mix of Emotions? Anger and
Determination: Is is a lack of susceptibility to emotions? Like Emotions:
Determination has a flexible stimulus and flexible response

fS ---> fR Like Moods:
Determination can last longer than emotional reactions Like Personality Traits:
There are generally determined, motivated people, and there are generally apathetic and unmotivated people.
These characteristics could result from past experience or even genetics. Unlike All 3:
There is a certain level of control over determination, a choice to experience it or not.
Perhaps the stimulus is not external at all, but instead a motivation created by the self. Maybe determination is not a mood, trait, OR emotion. Both are described as "approach related emotions," anger with a negative valence and determination with a positive valence The two emotions have similar facial expressions Anger Determination Could anger lead to determination? But, a determined expression is not similar to positive, low-approach emotions (joy, for example) - so a motivational direction matters. Pride and Determination: Are Determination and
Anger Related? Or is determination a way to positively channel anger? Pride provides "incentive to persevere on a task despite initial costs" With more pride comes more perseverance on difficult tasks Pride is a self-conscious emotion, driven by social acclaim. Pride leads to determination by motivating Could determination be driven by pride, viewing it as an end goal after a task is completed successfully? On the opposite note, perhaps shame causes one to be determined to repair their reputation. This begs the question: is determination an emotion itself, or simply a product of pride, shame, or anger? Are other emotions related? Perhaps determination is a form of hypomania, causing someone to appear goal-oriented when really they are experiencing a slight manic episode Anxiety is an emotion that we generally are driven to reduce. This reduction can easily be channeled into positive activities and therefore take the shape of determination. Fear could contribute to a determination. In a frightening situation, one may be determined to escape or lessen their fear. Lust could result in a determination to get sexual gratification. Is determination resisting the emotions that distract us from our goals? Instead of allowing anxiety, excitement, lust, anger, sadness, or happiness deter us... Perhaps determination helps us resist the distracting effects of heighten emotions and stay on track. Unmotivated Determination Joy A Frame? Determination can be described as a way to channel our emotions. It gives us a frame - a direction in which we can use an emotion or reach an emotional goal constructively. The question is,
Do your emotions have.... A Direction? Determination:

Is it an emotion? Is it a mood? A personality trait? A mix of emotions? A lack of susceptibility
to emotions? Or is determination simply... Because it is related to so many other feelings,
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