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Playground Accessibility

No description

abigail medrano

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Playground Accessibility

New Dick Kleberg Park
Ground was very hard for a wheel chair to roll on.
Ramps were damaged.
The sidewalk did not continue to the ramps to get to the play area.
The restroom had no hand rails, it was just unsafe.
The swing set chair was to high.
There were wheelchair ramps to get into the play area.
A swing set chair was provided for children with disabilities.
There were parking spaces provided for the handicap.
Picnic area was there for the handicapped.
The play area had handicap accessible games.
Dick Kleberg Park
501 East Escondido Rd.
- off Hwy 77 Kingsville

184.5 acres

The park consist of different types of play Areas: 2 baseball fields, 3 little league baseball fields, 2 softball fields, one -three field multi purpose softball complex & one - three field adult softball complex
Briana Garcia
Cassandra Garcia
Brittany Langbecer
Abigail Medrano

Playground Area
New Dick Kleberg Park
For More Information
Briana Garcia :
Cassandra Garcia : best_runner_2008@yahoo.com
Brittany Langbecer :

Abigail Medrano :
Playground Area
Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program (15.919)-
Recovery Action Program grants are matching grants (50 percent Federal-50 percent local) to local governments for the development of local park and recreation system recovery plans.
Small Community Grants-
The grant provides 50% matching grant funds. Funds must be used for development of parkland. Eligible projects include ball fields, boating, fishing, and hunting facilities, picnic facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools, trails, camping facilities, beautification, restoration, gardens, sports courts and support facilities.
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Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program (15.919) | Federal Grants Wire.
(n.d.). Federal Grants Wire - A free resource for federal grants,
government grants and loans.. Retrieved March 20, 2013, from
Diana Reyna- Secretary of Special Education Dept. for KISD
346 students currently enrolled
Only park in Kingsville large enough
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973
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