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Nike Sweatshops

No description

Dan Wise

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Nike Sweatshops

Nike Sweat Shops It is without a doubt that Nike is in violation of human rights due to the inhumane treatment of their employees

These reports of "slave labor" and human trafficking is completely against any ethical code of business

Nike is not the only business which engages in sweatshop operations... In The Early 1970s, Nike began using labor in Asian countries such as South Korea and Taiwan. As their economies developed working conditions improved, wages rose, unions were formed and many workers rose to higher paying jobs

Nike then discovered cheaper labor in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These countries are known for preventing the formation of labor unions There have been numerous human rights violations reported on Nike's sweat shop operations

Accounts of employees being
kicked, slapped, and verbally
abused have been reported.
Corporal punishment has also
been reported

Nike has denied these allegations
numerous times. Often Nike has
responded quick and angrily to
any statements on their sweat
shop operations Presented by:
Daniel Wise It has been reported that Nike, the famous footwear and athletic clothing manufacturer has been accused of using a sweatshop work environment for its employees

Most of these sweat shops are located overseas in lesser developed countries where workers are paid low wages and are subjected to verbal and physical abuse

Nike has been accused of taking advantage of these foreign labor markets and have many times denied these claims, although there is substantial evidence which points to sweat shop conditions Sources http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014325/Nike-workers-kicked-slapped-verbally-abused-factories-making-Converse-line-Indonesia.html


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike_sweatshops Workers at Sukabumi plant have reported supervisors to have thrown shoes at them, kicked them, and called them pigs and dogs
A worker at a Taiwanese plant has reported she was kicked by a supervisor after she had made a mistake cutting plastic
Throwing shoes and slapping employees seems to have been most commonly reported
In Indonesia supervisors have called employees dog, pig, or monkey. All of which are major insults in Indonesia
The Pou-Chen plant in Taiwan pay roughly 10,000 female workers 50 cents an hour A former graduate assistant of the St. John men's soccer team, Jim Keady, refused to wear Nike clothing due to the sweatshop controversy. At the time he was the only coach that turned Nike away from an endorsement.

In July 2000 Jim Keady traveled to Indonesia and lived in the sweat shop conditions while being paid at the same $1.25 a day.

Keady went on to conduct field research in three other continents in the years 2001, 2002, 2008 and 2009 and had created a short documentary titled "Behind the Swoosh."

According to Keady's reports things have improved regarding abuse but workers are still paid under minimum wage and Nike refuses to bargin with employees in good faith Its Quiz Time!! When did Nike first begin using labor overseas in Asia? answer Early 1970s Nike discovered cheap labor in China, Vietnam, and..... answer Indonesia What three accounts of abuse have been reported by Nike employees? answer Being kicked, slapped and verbally abused How has Nike often responded to these allegations? answer Quick and angrily What was the name of the former graduate assistant of the St. John's mens soccer team, who brought attention to Nike's sweat shop operations? answer Jim Keady Name two of the companies which have been accused of sweatshop operations Kraft, Walmart, American Apparel, Ambercrombie and Fitch, Adidas, Apple, Cargill, ect What was the name of the documentary, produced by Jim Keady? answer "Nike Behind the Swoosh" In the video, what have sweat shops in Vietnam been accused of doing to keep workers captive? answer Human Trafficking Bonus question!! Who was appointed assistant city attorney of Oswego in 2011? The answer is.... Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman
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