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An Evening Walk by Emma LaRocque

No description

Shreeya Patel

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of An Evening Walk by Emma LaRocque

An Evening Walk by
Emma LaRocque

#4. Literary Devices
"Leave's and cones whispering there dusky tails."

Because it compares the leaves and cones to people whispering.
Metaphor -

#1. Write a brief biography about the author.
Emma LaRocque is a Plains Cree Métis who was born on January 2, 1949 in Big Bay, northeastern Alberta. She is a scholar, writer, and a professor in the Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba.
#2. What is the Poem trying to say to the reader ?

We think the poem is trying to tell the reader that if one walks alone it gives a different feeling and that you recognize more then when you walk with another person. In other words, even though some people may want to be alone, they might soon enjoy the company of others. At times most of us want to be alone but it just makes us feel lonely; being with someone will make us happy even if we don't realize it. We think this because in the poem it said:

" I thought of my need to be alone,
Looked at my rocks and steel and

But then

I ran after the stoop of shoulders
I gave him my hand
To my unmerited surprise
He held out his..."
Our Personal Response

When we first read the poem "An Evening walk" It did not make much sense to us. The reason we think this way is because each stanza changes its meaning. What we dislike about the poem is that nothing really rhymes and there's no similes or metaphors. What we like is that the poem's lyrics are very descriptive and it specifies the evening walk really well.
Poem 1
#5. Symbolism

If we had to choose one subject that represents or symbolizes our poem, it would be our background theme for Prezi. We choose this as our theme because it represents the scenery someone might see if they took a walk in the evening.
An Evening Walk
The rush sound of a distant waterfall,
A furtive rustling of leaves and cones
Whispering their dusky tales
Called to me
To alloy
The tracks, sand and rocks
With my city shoes.

There are some walks
One must take alone.

But then

I heard a double squeal
And looked to see a little boy
With his ‘doggie’
I called them away.

There are some walks
One must take alone.

But then


Two sets of stooped shoulders
Sniffed the sandy back road
Back to Kokum’s.
I thought of my need to be alone,
Looked at my rocks and steel and

But then

I ran after the stoop of shoulders
I gave him my hand
To my unmerited surprise
He held out his,
And in the other
He held a bunch of clumpish clovers

And said:
“smell my trees, aunty.”

There is something to
And evening walk
Hand in hand
With a brown boy with clovers
He has to hold above his head
Because his uncontainable puppy
Likes them too.
Emma LaRocque

Prentice Hall Literature. Sightlines 8. Ontario: Coral Strokes, 1999. Print.



The poem "An Evening Walk" is a blank verse because it does not rhyme. Therefore, it does not have a rhyming scheme.
True or False?
Emma LaRocque is born on January 2nd 1949.

Emma wants to become a writer and go to University.


Emma LaRocque is already a writer and she went to the University of Manitoba.
True or False?
#3. Is your poem rhyming or blank verse? What rhyming scheme (if any) does your poem employ?
Poem 2

I walk farther along the pathway
Then pause to take in everything,
and there beneath me was priceless
I was caught up in all its beauty

The colours start to whisper their different shades
Insects buzzing words
The tree stands alone, full of birds
There are some walks one must take alone.

Beyond these marvelous trees lies
A sky, a sky full of stars
I think more as I walk.
I guess There are some walks one must take alone
~ Ashley


Gentle as my feet could be,
I walked through the narrow path
between the trees
Trying hard not to disturb the animals.

Trees. Birds. Nature. It was all there
The chilly breeze started blowing my hair.
I continued walking
The birds spoke to me in their melodious voices.

I love nature. I always did.
But today I felt like I needed another friend.
A friend to walk beside me.
And enjoy this walk as much I do now.

But sadly no one else is here.
It is only me and mother nature.
She seems happy though, like the warm sun.
But I still feel like I need a friend beside me.
~ Shreeya

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