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Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program Orientation

No description

Leah Goode

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program Orientation

Welcome to Ferris State University's
Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program! High School vs. College High School Teachers remind you about homework, assignments, tests
Teachers will approach you if they feel you need assistance
Teachers write informatino on the board so you can copy it as notes
HIGH SCHOOL IS A TEACHING ENVIRONMENT where you acquire facts and skills. College Instructors may not remind you about incomplete tasks or upcoming assignments
Professors expect you to contact them if you need assistance
Instructors may not write everything on the board, requiring students to listen and take notes
Students are expected to read, save, and consult the course syllabus for due dates
Instructors may not formally take roll, but they will notice if you are not there
COLLEGE IS A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where you take responsibility for thinking through and applying what you have learned. Do's and Don'ts Go to every
class and be on time! Be respectful. Be fully engaged in class. Do not sleep.
Do not eat or drink.
Do not use cell phones.
Don't talk while the professor is lecturing. Do your own work. Don't plagiarize papers, speeches, or projects.
Don's use anauthorized help.
Don't make up data or references.
Don't lie to get an extension for a missed assignment.
Don't provide unauthorized help. Keep up with your assignments
and prepare for exams. Don't procrastinate.
Don't simply memorize.
Don't rely on cramming or "all nighters." 1884 November 2012
January 2013 August 2012 Woodbridge Ferris Founds
Ferris Industrial Institute Over 14,000 students
900 acre campus
180 academic majors Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program Inaugural class What are your expectations? What can
I expect? Challenges Grades Ferris State Grading System A (4.0), A- (3.7), B+ (3.3), B (3.0), B- (2.7), C+ (2.3), C (2.0), C- (1.7), D+ (1.3), D (1.0), D- (0.7), F (0.0) Grades will go on your official Ferris State University transcript Class attendance Attendance is VITAL to success
The only way to receive the professor's information, ask for clarification and hear class disussion is to attend
Contact your instructor if you are sick or know about an absence in advance
Not all absences will be excused College vs. High School High School High school is a teaching environment in which you acquire facts and skills. College College is a learning environment in which you take the responsibility for thinking through and applying what you have learned. Questions Today's Agenda About Woodbridge
Special Events/Workshops
What to expect
ID Cards
Tour of Campus Who is Woodbridge Ferris? Workshops & Special Events February 16, 2013 Navigating the College System -
3 p.m.
FSU Hockey vs. Bowling Green
5:05 p.m. March 19, 2013 Paying for College: Financial Aid April 23, 2013 Supporting a College-Going Culture
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