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69 A.D. Year of the Four Emperors

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Mackenzie Holcombe

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of 69 A.D. Year of the Four Emperors

Servius Sulpicius Galba
-1st of 5 emperors competing for the emperor ship to reach Rome
-Proclaimed himself emperor at 75
-He didn't pay his soldiers well, which angered them
-He also angered his friend Otho by choosing a different heir
-Otho turned Galba's soldiers against him on January 16 69 A.D.
Marcus Salvius Otho
Aelius Vitelliuis
-Aelius Vitellius did not even want to be emperor and tried to make peace with Galba's troops
-Vespasian's army was marching to take Rome, and after Vitellius heard about it he went to beg to be allowed to abdicate the throne
-He was refused and Vespasian's troops killed him
-Vespasian ushered in the new Flavian dynasty where he and his sons would rule Rome for 29 years
69 A.D. Year of the Four Emperors
-His first order of business as emperor was to kill all the friends and supporters of Galba
-He was supported by his praetorian guard, but the Legions in Germany were loyal to Vitellius
-Vitellius led his legion to attack and take over, so Otho sent his army to meet him outside of Cremona, Italy
-Otho's army was defeated, and on hearing the bad news, Otho killed himself
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