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Social Structure of the Han Dynasty

not yet completed - work in progress

Chelsea Henderson

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Social Structure of the Han Dynasty

men's roles
in society and the family
the Han Dynasty
the importance of
women's roles
in society and the family
Social Order & the Government
Social Structure of the Han Dynasty
all marriages were arranged

types of arranged marriages:
- major marriages
- minor marriages
- uxorilocal marriages
- delayed-transfer marriages
husband has the choice for divorce
seven reasons for divorce
three reasons that prohibit divorce
the emperor
imperial administration
scholars & bureaucrats
206 BCE - 220 CE
formed by Liu Bang/Pang
became "Emperor Gaozu of China"
agrarian society under an emperor's rule
known as the "Golden Age"
family is valued above all
familism - whole > part
filial piety
ancestor veneration
civil service, military, censorate
modernists vs. reformists
governor & a commandant managed provinces
provinces / commanderies & principalities / prefectures / districts / wards
less rights than men
married between 13 & 16
were expected to produce offspring
obedient towards husband
treated equally in lower classes
patriarchal society – men had control
expected to continue the family line
often had wives and concubines
considered superior to women
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