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The Visible Light Spectrum

No description

Noea Pizana

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Visible Light Spectrum

Frequency and Wavelength
The Visible Light Spectrum
The Use of Visible Light in the Medical World
There are many ways visible light is used in the medical and science worlds :
Possible Problems
The frequency range of visible light extends from 7.5*10^14 hz to 4.29*10^14 hz, while The wavelength range of visible light extends from red light at 400 nanometers (4 * 10^-7 m) to violet light at 700 nanometers (7 * 10^-7 m)although the human eye can see slightly into infrared at around 380 nanometers. Visible light is all around us. It reflects off of objects and into our eyes to give us sight, hence the name "visible light."

Everyday Application of Visible Light
We use visible light to see, visible lights are also used in lasers. Lasers are used in CD's, Printers, and DVD Players.
Medical World:
endoscopes (PDT)- is used as an alternative for cancer
Lasers: used for tattoo removal,filling cavities, treating skin cancer, and correcting vision
Science World
Without visible light we would not be able to see, so it is used in almost everything involving science, including:
Temperature readings
Chemical and Electrical Changes
There are many other ways that we use visible light for everyday use. We are not the only living thing that uses it, plants also use it to produce food, also known as photosynthesis.
^ Cecie Starr (2005). Biology: Concepts and Applications. Thomson Brooks/Cole. ISBN 0-534-46226-X.
There are many problems that visible light can cause:
Eye problems
Vision-Related accidents
Deterioration of materials
1. What is one way visible light is used in the medical field?

2. What is one way visible light is used in the scientific field?

3. What wavelengths does visible light extend to?

4. What are everyday things we use that use the visible light spectrum?

5. What wavelength ranges can the human eye see?

Jeffrey Moseley
Noea Pizana
Maddie Sisk
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