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Benjamin Franklin

No description

franklin zheng

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
Our Hero
Many major obstacles presented in front of Benjamin Franklin throughout his life, but the most remembered one was in his quote:
Through out Benjamin's career, he wrote his name down into history when he drafted and signed the declaration of independence as one of the fathers of the most powerful country in the world. Benjamin also signed the 1783 treaty of Paris marking the end of the revolutionary war. Though he continued as a scientist after he retired from politics, he held many other jobs leading to many other accomplishments
Benjamin Franklin was an Inventor, Ambassador, and Congress Member,
Born to a candle maker, Benjamin
Franklin became a printer, he helped the world with his innovations
Benjamin Franklin contributed greatly to the success of America, even making many scientific discoveries that help people now

Benjamin Franklin
Was born in 1706 Boston, known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony at the time.
Benjamin Franklin was born to a poor family, his father was a candle and soap maker while he had 17 siblings, and dropped out of school at age 10 to help his father dip candlesticks.
Making candle sticks did not appeal to Benjamin so he joined his brother James, a printer.
Family life
Background info
James did not let Benjamin print his pieces of work
For us, it is impossible to be free
-Benjamin Franklin
It was later when Benjamin Franklin became one of the leaders of the American revolution. Benjamin Franklin, even though he thought that being free was not possible, still stood up for his country in a fight to be free.
For more achievements, go to
Benjamin Franklin died on April 17th, 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania living 84 years. Benjamin pioneered many scientific discoveries. Founding universities and libraries, the post office, shaping the foreign policy of the fledgling United States, drafting the Declaration of Independence, publishing newspapers, warming us with the Franklin stove, pioneering advances in science
Death And Legacy
Beginning of a career




Benjamin's early life was a great influence on the good man he was going to become
Even so, Benjamin secretly printed annual guidebooks to aid people throughout the year. He felt that everybody was to have a chance to
Benjamin away, making his way to Pennsylvania to begin his career as a politician
Benjamin was elected to the house of representatives to draft the declaration of independence
Benjamin became one of the fathers of America, he was a hero that freed america through hard work
I think Benjamin deserves this role, after he tried hard to achieve his goals
Benjamin Franklin overcame all the obstacles that ever stood up to him, even going against his own thoughts for the good of his people.
Benjamin Frankin's achievements were all innovations and thoughts for the greater good of the people he thought of as his people.
Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.
-Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin believed that without fear, he could achieve anything. He helped his people achieve what they always wanted
I think Benjamin Franklin was a great hero that helped his country achieve freedom, he also helped people with new innovations and ways to make their lives easier.
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