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Separating Nature and Humanity

No description

Emily Dam

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Separating Nature and Humanity

Wendall Berry, Preserving Wildness
“To be divided against nature, against wildness, then, is a human disaster because it is to be divided against ourselves. It confines our identity as creatures entirely within the bounds of our understanding, which is invariably a mistake because it is invariably reductive. It reduces our largeness, our mystery, to a petty and sickly comprehensibility. “ (520).
Our Identity, Our Life
Nature and Our Human Body
Health and Well-being
Reasons for Not Accepting Nature
1) Escaping from responsibility and history

2) There's a difference between humans and other creatures inhabiting nature

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The Problem with Separating from Nature
Separating Nature and Humanity

By: Emily Dam

1) Nature Resources

2) Health and Well-being
Natural Resources
My Research Question
Would Separating from Nature Be The Same as Separating from Ourselves?
Instincts and Reflexes
Irrational Fears
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