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Copy of Scooter Along with Scootle

Scootle - CEO Presentation by Steve Carter

Steve Carter

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Scooter Along with Scootle

Scootering Along with Scootle
Learning Federation's digital curriculum
Combines Learning Objects into a Learning Path
Learning Objects are digital resources consisting of moving images, maps, artworks, , speeches, songs, museum artefacts and much more
There are more than
8,165 digital items available
Log On
Log on with your registered TLF username -
Register your personal details
Check your email for a confirmation link - ready to go.
How to Create a Learning Path
Login and create a new
learning path by choosing
new folder
Search or Advance Search
Look at content icons to
see what is avaiable
Filter Search by Fields - Research Type - Year Level - Source
Search by Learning Area - map - Timeline - Alphabetically
Add Items to Learning Path
Maximum no = 20
Create folder or add to
Select Learning Path created - copy
the PIN no., click Student PIN Access, paste and Login
Sample Learning Path
Sharing Learning Paths
Lp can be shared among teachers
from the same section, or school
You can share your
LP publicly and view public LPs
Editing Learning Paths
Share - email (students),
other schools, etc
Re Order
Add notes to sites
Access URL of individual sites to add into Blogs, Moodle, etc
Export - XL - program
Get students working together
convert Lp to collaborate
Create new collaborative activity
Edit Activity by creating questions, adding files, or using options under Activity Workflow
In Live Workspace - students work on
collaborative activity together after
signing in with the PIN
Getting Started
Enjoy Scootling Along
A Learning Path Today

. . . .
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