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The Salem Witch Trials

A series of trials in which many people (mostly women) were tried and conviced of practicing witchcraft.

karen saba

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials The Beginning
1620 200 accused
150 imprisoned (including a 5 year old girl, several pregnant woman and elderly people)
19 hanged
3 woman died in prison An old man who refused to admit to his 'involvement in witchcraft' was crushed to death as punishment. The Pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts) in 1620, centering their community around God. Hysteria Ensues "Puritanism required that a man devote his life to seeking salvation but told him he was helpless
to do anything but evil. Puritanism required that man refrain from sin but told him he would sin
anyhow. Puritanism required that he reform the world in the image of God's holy kingdom but
taught him that the evil of the world was incurable and inevitable. Puritanism required that he
work to the best of his ability at whatever task was set before him and partake of the good
things that God had filled the world with but told him he must enjoy his work and his pleasures
only, as it were, absentmindedly, with his attention fixed on God." Why? The Puritans believed that the Devil was just as real as God and that he was everywhere, constantly trying to hinder God's work. They also believed that the Devil forced the most vulnerable in society to do his work.
Therefore, they were very quick to believe they were under some sort of an attack from the Devil.
The Salem Witch Trails were an effect of three young girls displaying strange behavior.
Their symptoms included convulsive seizures, blasphemous screaming, and trance-like states; and at the time there were no medical explanations for these actions.
The first couple of people to be accused of practicing witchcraft were a slave, a homeless beggar, and a old women who married her servant.
Hanging and burning and drowning the accused witches gave the Puritans a way to fight back.
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