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Healthy Eating On/Off Campus

No description

Healthy Campus Unit UofA

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Eating On/Off Campus

Eating Well On & Off Campus 80% of UofA students do not eat
enough fruits & veggies Healthy Eating is No Piece of Cake! Healthy Eating & Academics Increase academic performance
Reduce stress and improve mood
Restore energy levels & concentration 1. Canada's Food Guide

2. Portion Sizes

3. Meal Planning

4. Resources on Campus 4 Tools to Know Canada's Food Guide The 3 panels give you information on the type of foods to consume and the servings size. How many servings do you need? Food servings from each of the 4 food groups is based on age and gender.

Remember: A serving is a reference amount, not necessarily what you would eat during a meal. Portions Balance: Choose 2 food groups for snacks and 3 food groups for meals
Variety: Keep it interesting. Try a variety of fruits and vegetables to get a variety of nutrients
Moderation: Limit foods that are high in calories, sugar, fat or salt to one serving a day. Balance, Variety, Moderation Why? . . . .

Reduce stress
save time & $
Identify your food preferences
Know what's available on campus Meal Planning The Healthy Plate customize your meal
share costs
supplement meals to save money Make Your Meal Plan Work for You Choose THis:

Whole grains
Skim, 1% or 2% milk for cereal and coffee
Vinaigrette-style salad dressings
dressings and sauces on the side
Milk in smoothies
Water to quench your thirst Customizing Your Meals L'express
- scrambled eggs: $2.00
- Oatmeal: $1.75
- Salads: $3.00
- Sandwiches (whole wheat bread) Snack Options Under $5.00 on Campus Campus Food Bank & WeCan Food Basket Campus Resources Not that:

White, refined grains
whole milk or cream
creamy salad dressings
dressings and sauces on your meal
frozen yogurt in smoothies
pop or juices with lots of sugar Can you get a healthy breakfast at school?

Plan what you're going to eat the night before.

If you plan to buy part of your lunch at school try to bring some items from home too.

Snack Ideas: Yogurt, fruit, veggies and hummus, hard-boiled eggs, trail mix When You're on the go 1. Check your schedule: When do you have time to cook and when are you too busy?

2. Brainstorm: Check out what you can get on campus and what you can pick up form the grocery store that you would want to actually eat

3. Make a list

4. Shop

5. Cook/Buy: make larger batches that you can either freeze or have leftover for next day. Step - by- step Save Money By:

- Store flyers & coupons
- Buy frozen veggies, store brand, bulk food bins
- Beans, chickpeas, and lentils are cheap meat alternatives.
- Phone apps. "Grocery List and Grocery IQ can sort grocery items and find coupons
- Share costs with roommates (tea, coffee, milk, eggs, etc) Stretch your budget SubMart
- Fruit: $1.00
- Yogurt & Cheese: $0.80
- Granola bars: $ 1.00 - 4.00
- Gluten free crackers: $2.50
- Soymilk: $2.00 Subway Don't forget about Sobey's by University Terrace Sustain SU resuable dish program Farmers Markets
- UofA Community Garden
- Green & Gold Gardens
- SUB Farmers Market University Wellness Services:
Registered Dietician on campus
Student Health 101 Monthly recipies HWM's
Fruit Stand Where on campus can you eat a healthy meal under $10.00 Education Cafe
- yogurt parfait $3.00
- Soup $4.00 Timmy's/Wendy's
- milk
- sandwiches
- yogurt Remember to customize
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