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Persuasive Speech

By Sunman

Sunman Moonman

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Chevy Volt Electrics give a Electric
Shock to Gasolines This is my BODYDIOSFSD FHSDKLJFHSDLKFHSDJKLFHSDKLJFH My Persuasive speech is why people should buy electric cars over gasoline ones! Electric Cars are ECO FRIENDLY Electricity is Cheaper Than Gasoline Gasoline cars are faster! Gasoline Cars last longer! Electric cars are way better than gasoline cars because electric cars don't pollute. When gasoline cars pollute it does global warming. Global Warming is when them temperature gets hot. (And if you were here during science everything is connected so if one thing is bad everything is bad.) Some affects are in the arctic it might get too hot (global warming) and the ice will melt then it will decrease the polar bears hunting season. Some other affects are, in the tropicals its already hot and if it gets more hot the animal and other life forms there will die because it can only live in a certain amount of temperature. Now theres a lot more examples but I think this will cover it, it will get to hot everywhere. That's one reason why electric cars are way better than gasoline cars. You might think that gasoline cars are way better than electric cars because they go faster but why do you need a fast car? To street race? I didn't think so. As you know the average electric can go to 60 kph but isn't the electric car preventing you from going over speed and getting a ticket. So the electric car is saving you more money then a gasoline car. Another reason why you should buy electric cars over gasoline ones is because gas is much more expensive than electricity. So in the long run electric cars are way better than electric. But keep listening because I will show you how electric cars are good in all ways in the long run in the short run and many more! You people are probably saying how gasoline cars are better than electric because it last longer in a full tank. But say that you do run out of gas at home. It will be hard to run to the gas station and fill up a LEGAL bucket which cost alot and then run back. Now if you had an electric car, yes it will last a bit shorter, but if you run out of gas at home you can just plug it in an outlit and CHARGE! Boy am I titred of showing you the bad things. Oh wait their isn't anybad things. So as you can see electric cars are Eco FREINDLY and gasoline cars aren't, electricity is cheaper than gasoline, Electric cars don't give you tickets and gasolines do by speeding, Electric cars can be charged at home, and I can go on forever so just like the electric cars im not gonna go on because i am going to SAVE you time by not telling you all the things about electric cars and gasoline cars so you have the time to buy the electric car. So, you be the judge buy an electric car or buy a electric car. More Effient So as I said before Electric cars are much more effient. Just like how pie is more effient than soda. But seriously Electric cars are way more effient than gasoline cars. And for those of you who don't know what effient is, well in this case it means it makes more out of it meaning it makes more output than input. So that is another reason why electric cars are way better than gasoline cars.
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