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Art and Design Teaching Task

No description

Rebekah Peacock

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Art and Design Teaching Task

Learning Objectives
Art and Design Teaching Task
Mark Making
* You will be looking four ways of creating different mark-making techniques

* You will experiment with making the techniques

*You will look at a drawing called 'The Olive Tree' by Van Gogh and see where and how he has used different types of mark-making

*You will then create your own drawing of an olive tree, applying some of the new skills you have learned
Experiment with mark-making techniques
You will each have a worksheet with 8 boxes on it.

Use the top four boxes to create the techniques with

light tones

Use the bottom four boxes to create the techniques with
dark tones

The Four Mark-Making Techniques
The four techniques are:

1. Stippling
2. zig-zag lines
3.curved lines
4. straight lines
You have now learned about four mark-making techniques; curved lines, straight lines, stippling and zig-zag lines.
*You have also looked at Van Gogh's 'The Olive Tree' to see how he used mark-making to create effect.
*Now you need to apply your new knowldge into your work!
*Use the photograpgh of an olive tree and the tree outline given to you to help you start creating your own olive tree drawing.
*REMEMBER - you must try and use all four mark-making techniques in your work.
stippling is creating effects by shading dots.
*the closer and larger the dots are, the darker the tone will be.
TONE - how dark or light a colour is
*making patterns by layering zig-zag lines
Zig-zag lines
making small straight lines
* they shouldn't be joined together!
Straight lines
* making short, curved lines.
Curved lines
Van Gogh - The Olive Tree
In this drawing Van Gogh used all four of the techniques that you have learned about today.
he used
-the grass

* why?
- to create
and show
(how full something is)

Van Gogh used
lines in:
- the grass

-to make it look as if the grass is moving in the wind
Curved lines
can be seen in the trees.

-to make it look like to leaves are being blown by the wind!
Curved lines
Can be seen in:
-the tree trunks
the grass

- to pull the viewer into the centre of the drawing
Straight lines
***** Don't be afraid to really apply these techniques! The more confident your marks are, the better the overall effect will be! *****
Here is an example of how to start to help you!
Don't forget...
...to fill in your self-assessment forms!

How confident do you feel about what you have learned today?
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