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Global business

No description


on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Global business

Culture WHY ? Have different backgrounds..

Think differently,
Feel differently Global business
07-01-2013 Hochschule
Meejin Jo For company, find opportunities
get profits Intercultural Challenge 1. Localized Menus

2. Differentiated Services Localized Menus KOREA Bulgogi - sliced and seasoned beef TAIWAN JAPAN JAPAN TURKEY Special menu for 'RAMADAN' INDIA RAMADAN? Hinduism GERMANY In India, there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don’t eat beef.
However, they have the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. There is also a vegetarian burger, the McAloo Tikki. McDonald's serves beer! special services Global company? to consider many types of cultures is essential. Mc Donald's to catch the various needs of customers who have different culture. * source : www.mcdonalds.com
(McDonald's 2011 Financial Information) More than 34,000 stores worldwide,
119 countries source : http://businessmodelinstitute.com <Market share of global fast-food industry> * Revenue source : www.mcdonalds.com JAPAN Mc donald+library
= Mcbrary <Percentage of one-person residence> (source:Japanese ministry of internal affairs and communications) (unit: %) KOREA *Coke-refill service
for free! *Home-delivery service (source : http://worldrank.co.kr) In Turkey and in other Muslim countries, they have Ramadan month once in every year. In this fest, they do not eat all day till evening and have different meal times.
During Ramadan month, they have a special menu which is proper to the Turkish people’s taste and have different working hours for this ceremony. in a new circumstance * JAPAN
* KOREA Conclusion - From the case of Mc donald's,
the ability to adjust to the new circumstance
affect the fate of overseas expansion.

- The new circumstance means culture to the
global company.

- Special menus and services are based on the
consideration of the cultural difference. * KOREA
* GERMANY * References www.mcdonalds.com
http://worldrank.co.kr http://businessmodelinstitute.com http://fun.jjang0u.com/chalkadak/view?db=160&no=118185 Journal:

*Claudio Vignali, (2001) "McDonald’s: “think global, act local” – the marketing mix", British Food Journal, Vol. 103 *Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray A. Kroc, ©Ray A. Kroc 1977.
McDonalds: Behind the Golden Arches by John F. Love ©John F. Love 1995. aboutmcdonalds.com 2009
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