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21 irrefutable laws of leadership

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Lauren Selle

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership

by John C. Maxwell
21 Irrefutable
Laws of Leadership

1)The Law of the Lid
Leadership is the "lid" that determines a person's level of effectiveness. Your leadership ability always determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization
2) The Law of Influence
True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned, or assigned. It comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated, It must be earned.
Myths of leadership
Factors that make a leader
3)The Law of Process
Leaders require seasoning to be effective. If you continually invest in your leadership development, the inevitable is growth over time.
Phase 1: I don't Know what I know.
Phase 2: I know that I need to know.
The Phases of Leadership Growth
Phase 3: I know what I don't know.
Phase 4:I know and Grow and it Starts to Show.
Phase 5:
I Simply Go Because of What I Know.
4) The Law of Navigation
Before good leaders take their people on a journey, they go through a process in order to give the trip the best chance of being a success.
The P.L.A.N A.H.E.A.D. method
redetermine a course of action
ay out your goals
djust your priorities
otify key personal
llow time for acceptance
ead into action
xpect problems
lways point to success
aily review your plan
5) The Law of Addition
Adding Value, Changing Lives
Truly Value Others
Make Yourself More Valuable To Others
Know and Relate to What Others Value
Do Things That God Values
The bottom line in leadership is not how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others.
6) The Law of Solid Ground
Trust is the foundation of leadership. It is the most important thing. Leaders cannot repeatedly break trust with people and continue to influence them
Character Communicates
Consistency – leaders without inner strength can’t be counted on day after day because their ability to perform changes constantly.
Respect – When you don’t have character within, you can’t earn respect without.
a person’s character quickly communicates many things to others.
7) The Law of Respect
People don’t follow others by accident. People who are an 8 in leadership don’t look for a 6 to follow – they naturally follow a 9 or 10. The less skilled follow the more highly skilled and gifted.
Six Ways That Leaders Gain Others’ Respect
Natural Leadership Ability
Respect For Others
Value Added to Others
8) The law of Intuition
The Law of Intuition is based on facts coupled with instincts plus other intangible factors, such as employee morale, organizational momentum, and relationship dynamics.
Their Situation
Their Resources
Leaders are Readers of:
Do They Have High Influence with Others?
Do They Bring a Complementary Gift to the Table?
Do They Add Value to Me and to the Organization?
Do They Hold a Strategic Position in the Organization?
Do They Positively Impact Other Inner Circle Members?
11) Law of the Inner Circle
As you consider whether individuals should be in your inner circle, ask yourself the following questions. If you can answer yes to these questions, then they are excellent candidates for your inner circle:
9) The Law of Magnetism
In most situations, you draw people to you who possess the same qualities you do.
Who you are is who you attract. If you want to attract better people, become the kind of person you desire to attract.
10) The Law of Connections
For leaders to be effective, they need to connect with people. All great leaders recognize this truth and act on it almost instinctively. You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion.
How do you connect with people?
Know Your Audience
Communicate with Openness and Sincerity
Make sure to
Focus on Them, Not Yourself
become connected
12) The Law of Empowerment
If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to empower others.
Desire for Job Security, and fear of losing in all
Resistance to Change
Lack of Self-Worth
Leaders fail to empower others because they
13) The Law of the Picture
Followers Are Always Watching What You Do!
14) The Law of Buy-In
People don’t at first follow worthy causes. They follow worthy leaders who promote worthy causes they can believe in. People buy into the leader first, then the leader’s vision.
15) The Law of Victory
The best leaders feel compelled to rise to a challenge and do everything in their power to achieve victory for their people. In their view…
Losing is unacceptable.
Passion is unquenchable.
Commitment is unquestionable.
Victory is inevitable.
16) The Law of the Big Mo
When you have no momentum, even the simplest tasks seem impossible.
When leaders show the way with their right actions, their followers copy their good example and succeed.
Its easier to teach and lead the right way the first time around, then spending time on retraining
Work on changing yourself before trying to improve others
When you do, you will begin to see the big picture!!
Potential – Who do you think has the greater potential to : someone who is honest, disciplined, and hardworking or someone who is deceitful, impulsive and lazy?
Momentum is...
Easier to Steer Than to Start
The Most Powerful Change Agent
The Leader’s Responsibility
The Great Exaggerator
17) The Law of Priorities
Busyness does not equal productivity.
Activity is not necessarily accomplishment.
What Gives the Greatest Return?
What Brings the Greatest Reward?
What is Required?
18)The Law of Sacrifice
A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up
There Is No Success Without Sacrifice
Leaders Are Often Asked to Give Up More Than Others
You Must Keep Giving Up to Stay Up
The Higher the Level of Leadership, the Greater the Sacrifice
19) The Law of Timing
20)The Law of Explosive Growth
21) The Law of Legacy
To Add Growth, Lead Followers – To Multiply, Lead Leaders
When to Lead Is As Important As What to Do and Where to Go
Make Sure You Pass the Baton
Live the Legacy You Want to Leave
Know the Legacy You Want to Leave
Choose Who Will Carry on Your Legacy
Leaders who attract followers but never develop leaders get tired.
Every time you develop new leaders, you make them capable of influencing an even greater number of people
Lead Followers
Develop Leaders
The Right Action at the Right Time Results in Success
The Wrong Action at the Wrong Time Leads to Disaster
The Right Action at the Wrong Time Brings Resistance
Give Them Hope
Believe in Them
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Follow Them and People Will Follow You!
Mastery strategies
The Wrong Action at the Right Time Leads to Waste
A Leader’s Lasting Value Is Measured by Succession
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