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No description

Andres Campos

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Interview

3.How many hours do you work per day?
9.What troubles or consequences do you think you are able to acquire in the future?
Yes I have listened a lot of people saying that they want to be computer programmers, but there are a lot of work in this area, like a software maker, making programs or fixing hardwares and softwares.
11.Do you think a lot of people will work in this area in the future?
12.Do you think that Costa Rica is a country to make companies of this kind?
Yes I guess this is the job that every teenager wants.
14.Do you think that your job is “the perfect job"?
I think it is easy for me because i have been doing it all my life, but in the beginning it was a little difficult.
4.Do you think this job is easy or difficult?
Sometimes yes it is, but much of the time it is a very peaceful work, when you don't have to receive orders of your clients.
13.Is your work tired?
1.What are your favorite things about work in this?
Computer Programmer
My favorite thing about it is that i know how the software and hardware of the computers work and I like a lot my schedule
2.What is your day-to-day regular schedule?
I wake up a little late, like 8 or 9 sometimes i wake up at 10 but is when i have no job early.
My schedule is pretty irregular sometimes i have to work early sometimes late at night, so i have a 24 hour availability.
Sometimes 2 others 10 or 12 but it is really relaxed, and i make it easier because is what a like to do.
5.Do you like it?
Yes, I love it.
6.Which abilities do you think a computer programmer need?
You need to be good in Math, be creative and patient because you won't do a nice program in 4 hours it requires time and to be tested a lot of times.
7.Do you think a computer programmer needs a lot of hours to study new things?
Yes because everytime we have new stuff, the companies are creating things new ways to program with C++ and Java.
8.Do you think that anyone can work in this?
Yes you only have to be patien
I think that the worst consequence is the pain of your hands for using the keyboard and the mouse. Also your eyes will cry a little bit these are the most important consequences.
10.How much work are in this area?
I think there's a lot of work in this area because so many companies are trying to improve their machinery.
No, because it's a very expensive country and you need to be asking for electrical pieces, talking about hardware.
But is a good country to start doing programs and apps also games, our country needs publicity and this is a great market to.
15.If you have the opportunity to change your job, you will do it?
No I really like my job, but if i have no work, maybe I will go to look for one.
16.What are the most difficult things you have to deal in the beginnings?
To search work, because none know about me or what I do so was really terrible the first months.
17. Do you think your career fulfilled your expectations?
Not at all, in the beginning I thought that i will receive more money, but I guess I am good with the money I receive.
18.Do you think that in your job you could do something in pro of the humanity?
Yes of course I think that if I purpose myself to do a really nice tool for the people I can do it.
19.How much do you gain per month?
My salary is very irregular but it goes of 400 000 to 500 000 sometimes a little more others less.
20.Were your parents agreed about your career selection?
Yes my dad is a car electrician, he helps me a lot when I start to build my own computers and my mom was agree until i help them with money.
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