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carla bisker

on 15 February 2013

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Consumers- a organism who uses goods or services.
Decomposer- Organisms that get energy by breaking down the remains or dead organisms.
Producer- a organism(s) who manufactures something.
Energy pyramid- Shows how energy moves through the ecosystem ENERGY FLOW IN ECOSYSTEMS! ENERGY PYRAMID When you study a food chain,you can see the path that energy takes from producers to the top consumer. How do organisms get energy? Vocab BY : Carla and Rebecca Food webs/chains Animals get the energy from the sun by eating other organisms like producers. Plants can use the energy directly from the sunlight. When animals dont have the same adaptation as plants. Most living things on earth depend on the energy of sunlight. All organisms need energy to carry on life functions. When organisms die and fall to the ground, their bodies decay . FOOD CHAIN'S A food chain shows one path along which energy can move through an ecosystem. As organisms produce food or eat other organisms for food, energy travels from organism to organism throughout an ecosystem. A food web shows how food chains in an ecosystem are connected. Food webs are like food chains because they both show the process of producers, consumers and decomposers. Not all of the energy a green plant captures from sunlight is passed to other organisms.

Plants use some of the suns energy for life processes.

Organisms must use energy to grow, move, and reproduce. Thank you for listening

By : Carla & Rebecca
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