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Research into music and organise recording

No description

Mariana Tugulea

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Research into music and organise recording

Banks - Someone new
El hombre de Acero trailer
Coldplay - Paradise (Instrumental)
Hunter Hayes - Invisible (Instrumental)
Research into music and organise recording
Adrianna and I are intending to include this song in our trailer as it is very slow and the lyrics do relate to the story we are going to show. By using this song we'd engage more with our audience when the montages will be shown.
We are thinking to include the beginning of this song in the beginning of our trailer as we think it will fit perfectly with the scenes we will show. Also, the chorus might be included as well, as we think it will make the scenes have greater impact on our audience.
I and Adrianna thought the music in this clip (up to 1:15) would be suitable for our trailer as it includes an actual film sountrack; we'd need this as all romantic drama trailers have actual film music.
We're intending to use the instrumental version of this song, specifically the beginning as we tried to picture it with the scenes we'll show and we do believe they will complement each other - both the music and the scenes.
10 beautiful sountracks from 10 beautiful films
The Script - If you ever come back
We would like to perhaps include the chorus of this song right towards the end of the trailer to leave the audience with a desire to go purchase/watch the entire film.
Out of these sountracks, Adrianna and I really thought that the ones from 1:10 to 3:30 would be best suitable for our trailer.
We would like to include all of the songs mentioned in this presentation, however we do know we'll have to make a choice. However, we have chosen a variety of soundtracks so we can 'play around' when editing the footage; having this variety, it will be easier for us to decide on the spot which non-diegetic music will complement best with the scenes we'll show.
After listening to a large number of soundtracks, we decided that the ones presented were the most appropriate for our trailer for various reasons. One of them is that we needed a calm film soundtrack to complement with the beginning of the trailer. Then,we needed a more upbeat up; the chosen ones were appropriate because we thought they would go well with the montage where we show the equilibrium.
Also, the more dramatic music would be used for when showing the most dramatic scenes of the trailer.
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