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"Where Have You Gone Charming Billy"

E. Ramos R. Mazion R. Martinez Accel. English

Eric Ramos

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of "Where Have You Gone Charming Billy"

"Where Have You Gone Charming Billy" Plot- 1)Intro-
Paul meets Toby
and they start to
talk to each other 2)Rising Action-
The days march
begins and Billy
steps on a mine 3)Climax-
Billy freaks out
and dies of a
heart attack 4)Denouement-
Paul starts laughing
and has to be calmed
down by Toby Setting:
2)Place- Vietnam Conflict-
1)Human v Human-
War-obviously -_- 2)Human v Self
Paul trying to get
over Billy's death Point of view?
3rd person objective? Characters-
static-Billy, Toby, others :)
dynamic- Paul
flat- Billy, medic, billy's dad, others
round- Paul Irony:
verbal-scared to death
situational- dying of a heart attack from
getting his foot blown off
Dramatic- Mine explosion? Characterization:
Duh -_- Foreshadowing-
(on the spot) Paul not blowing bubbles
laugh attack Flashback-
act 2-
Billy's death Desc.(laziness)
sight-Billy's death
sound-Billy's death
Taste-gum, coke
Touch-Paul & Toby
Smell-Toby's hand
gun smoke, grave yard smells like perfume Figlang:
simile- ("as if Billy Boy had just executed a long a dangerous dive") O'Brien
Understatement- "what was so bloody funny"
nothing out of time discuss the following:
theme Stationary Credits:
Raeven Mazion- Billy, Narrator
Roberto Martinez- Paul
Eric Ramos- Toby
Oscar Rosales- Soldier , Billy's Dad
Yesion Lopez- Medic

Video Editor- Eric
SpellCheck- Roberto

Hero- by Skillet
The Climb- Miley Cyrus
Those other two- um yeah...

Author: Tim O'Brien
(Quotes used from real story)

All credit goes to who ever.....
The End
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