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By : Ashley and Caleighsta

ashley sarrazin

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia is now known as modern day southern Iraq. It is between two main rives the Tigris and the Eupharates. Which is also known as the Fertile Cresent. There are more civilizations alng the rivers because the soil is great for growing crops.
Ancient Mesopotamia is modern day Southern Iraq.
Most of Mesopotamia is the Fertile Crescent.
The Fertile Crescent is between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers .
They call it the fertile crescent because the soil is very productive and gets water from the rivers also because of how the rivers are shaped.
Fertile Crescent
Written Communication
Cuneiform was what the Mesopotamians used to symbolize different sounds.

Cuneiform was usually written in pictograms.

A pictogram is a symbol that means a word.

Cuneiform's differ from hieroglyphics , instead of having a symbol for each letter , Cuneiform had a symbol for every word.
Mesopotamians made their sculptures out of stone.

Mostly they built a portrait of their kings or queens or a god they believe in.
This is called a ziggurat

They are built in the middle of cities

They were used to get closer to the sky gods.
Mesopotamia was polytheistic.

Each city supposedly had their own god to watch over the them.

Some people believed that they had a certain god who watched over them personally.
Enlil, was the god that granted kingship.
5 civilizations who ruled Mesopotamia :
~ Sumerians (5000 B.C. - 2330 B.C.)
~ Akkadians (2330 B.C. - 2100 B.C.)
~ Assyrians (1900 B.C. - 616 B.C )
~ Babylanion (616 B.C.- 550 B.C)
~ Persian ( 550 B.C. - 333 B.C. )
About Mesopotamia's and their ancient civilization
Information by: Caleighsta, Kelena, and Ashley

produced :
~ Barley, wheat, bananas, and cotton.
consumed :
~silk from china
~ food
~ clothes
fun fact:

~ barley was used as
a form of money
King Sargon
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