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Hercules: Connections to Modern Day by Joaquin Dircksen

No description

Joaquin Dircksen

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Hercules: Connections to Modern Day by Joaquin Dircksen

Hercules: Connections to Modern Day

By Joaquin Dircksen

The Story of Hercules
Zeus and a mortal woman had a baby, who eventually became Hercules. Hera, being her normal, jealous self, tries to kill Hercules any way she can. One of the ways she tries to kill him is by sending to snakes to enter his crib and murder him. However, even as a baby Hercules was extremely strong and strangled the snakes. After this attack, Zeus was afraid for his son and sent him to live with a mortal family, where Hera would never find him. Eventually, Hercules human father told him that he was a demigod.
The Labors of Hercules
Arguably one of the most famous Hercules stories is The Labors of Hercules. This is the story where Hera and Hercules' evil brother, Eury, team up to try and defeat Hercules. They use a challenge, where he has to do twelve labors, the most famous being the fifth. In this labor he had to clean out the Stables of Augeas.He eventually overcame these labors and defied Hera and Eury.
Strengths and Weaknesses
- Super- human strength

- Immortality

- Brave and determined

- Noble
- Lustful

- Gluttonous

- Anger
Hercules: The Movie
- Both often hurt others by accident.

- Both included the Titans.

- Both include all gods from their individual stories.
Marvel Comics Hercules
- Includes all gods from Greek myths

- Includes all Titans from Greek myths

- Both have the same origin story.

- In both versions he was recognized as a demigod for at least a short period of time.

- Both have very similar powers, however the Marvel version seems to have more.
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