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Ava Miller

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Oceans


Where Is The Ocean
*The Ocean covers over 2/3 of the earth.
*Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic are our four
*Some experts think there is a fifth ocean.
*The Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans meet up around the continent of Antarctic. Some experts call this the Antarctic, Australia, or Southern Ocean. But is it really a separate ocean? Some say no, that its just a place where three oceans meet. Others say yes, because the water has distinct currents and temperatures.
Lion Fish
* The characteristics of a lion fish are easy to identify. They are zebra striped, red and white, with long pectoral fins.

* Their habitat is in the Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Caribbean sea, and the Mediterranean sea.

* They have spines with poison.

* They are high on the food chain and are consumers/ predators.
Blue Ringed Octopus
* It is 5-8 inches and has a head the size of a golf ball.

*It's weight is 92 ounces.( 5 pounds )

* It is very poisonous. It can kill a person in 15 minutes.
It's bright blue spots warned people and animals to stay

*It lives in shallow waters in Pacific ocean and Indian ocean in/on coral reefs.
*Eats small fish, crabs,an mussels

*It's family is the Octpodidael.
Vampire Squid
* The vampire squid is not poisonous.

* It lives in the tropical and subtropical oceans in depths ranging from 300 to 3,000 miles.

* It eats mostly marine snow.( fish )
* It's max length is 2 inches. * The vampire squid prefers a temperature between 2 degrees
and 6 degrees Celsius.
Eel Grass
*Eel grass can grow up to 6/4 feet tall in waters.
*Very popular in Connecticut river
Eel grass
*Eel grass grows up to 4ft in waters and are very popular in the Connecticut river.
*Houses fish and large American eels.
*5% eaten by animals. Many cannot digest it.

*Perennrat- plant that grows year to year.
Green Sea Weed
* It grows near the shore.

* It could grow on coral and other underwater plants.

* They are NOT related to sea grasses.

* They can be used for animal feed and fertilizer.
Ocean Climate

*The average temperature of all oceans is 37 to 39
degrees F. Parts of oceans are very deep and cold.
*Tropical oceans are warm and clear on the surface.
*The average surface temperature of all oceans is 62 degrees F.
* In the Polar region the ocean is cold and frozen on the surface.
Oceans (Book)
Shark and other sea creatures (Book)
Emma Corner
Madelyn Bowers
Ava Miller
Tyler Adkins
Hoke Ayers
Ian Henderson
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