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TV Analysis - Chicago PD

No description

Ciara Rodriguez

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of TV Analysis - Chicago PD

Facial Expressions
Body Language
Eye Contact
Personal Space
Physiological Changes
The different tones of voice in this scene are more from the different emotions these people are feeling. They go from shouting to a sort of calm and relieved tone of voice with high emotion.
The eye contact in this scene is very focused mostly because the anger Antonio has towards the man that kidnapped his son. He was focused on getting a good shot and killing this man.
This scene is very intense, Lindsey and
Antonio both have lots of anger that has been building up in the both of them throughout this case. Antonio and Diego were excited and happy once the two reunited.

speaking about personal
space, Antonio hugs his
son Diego after being reunited.
Lindsay was sweating while pointing a firearm at a suspect who kidnapped a child.
Lindsey used a gesture with a gun to order a suspect to freeze and drop his gun.
After Antonio shoots the suspect, he stands over the man in an empowered sort of way.
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